MATHEMAGICS For STAR-KIDZ: Sacred Geometry Ebook

MATHEMAGICS For STAR-KIDZ: Sacred Geometry Ebook MATHEMAGICS For STAR-KIDZ: Sacred Geometry Ebook MATHEMAGICS For STAR-KIDZ: Sacred Geometry Ebook MATHEMAGICS For STAR-KIDZ: Sacred Geometry Ebook MATHEMAGICS For STAR-KIDZ: Sacred Geometry Ebook
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- Learn How To Draw Beautiful & Ancient Sacred Geometry Patterns

- Mandala Creations and Sacred Symbols from Many Cultures

- Get Involved With Your Child's Education


This section is in 5 Parts:

Section 1 - ABOUT "Mathemagics For Star-Kidz" Ebook
Section 3 - CONTENTS
Section 4 - 14 SAMPLE PAGES

Jain 108 MatheMagics

Section 1
ABOUT  - "Mathemagics For Star-Kidz"

subtitle: Sacred Geometry and Mandala Creation Workbook for 5 to 8 Year Olds.

Number of Pages: 96

Size: A4 portrait
Cost: $22

Self Published in 2015 First Edition, Byron Bay
ISBN: 978-0-9872543-5-1


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Section 2


Jain 108 MatheMagics 

                                                                                                         (Picture of Starzi Porter)
• Mathemagics For Starkidz
Get involved with your Child’s education.

• This highly visual curriculum for Children aged from 5 to 8 is the first of its kind, introducing young children to the fascinating world of Sacred Geometry and Mandala Creation.

• Mathemagics For Starkidz is a highly visual presentation of the ancient branch of mathematics called Sacred Geometry. It is encouraged that these Starkidz learn these 9 lessons as a precursor to learning their Multiplication Table which is recommended for 9 to 12 year olds (Mathemagics For Juniors).

• When the Numbers (Male Left Brain) of a Magic Square are translated into a Picture, it creates Whole Brain Learning or Feminine Right Brain Mathematics that responds to pictures. This course teaches the Beauty of Mathematics and Geometry.

• A lot of this material was in the original Greek syllabus 2000 years ago and it got taken out about 100 years ago.

• Jain is merely putting back into the curriculum that which was always there.

• Jain talks to the children as if they were young adults, using a highly intelligent vocabulary of words like Torus, Fractal, Platonic Solids, Labyrinth all of which they understand.

The contents include:
• Drawing Circles + Weaving Semi-Circles Free-Hand
• Triangle Numbers + Tetrahedron Numbers
• Square Numbers + Cube Numbers  (Cubic Number Patterns)
• The Magic Square of 3x3 Lo-Shu Pattern + Rotating it upon itself at a 90 Degree Rotation
• Pentagrams. Drawing Freehand the Uni-Cursal Pentagram
+ Embedding the Pentacle Within Itself
• Hexagrams + The Star of David + Drawing Free-hand the Uni-Cursal Hexagram (Without Taking Your Pen Off The Paper) + Mystic Rose
• Cube Combinations + Exploring Wooden Cubelets or Square Tiles:
Number Patterns or Permutations.
• String Art
• Creation of the 7-Circuit Labyrinth

This Children's Book has been Extruded and Simplified from:
 • This book is primarily based on Jain's classic book: The Art of Number (self-published 2012) which is a distillation of all other 25 books hitherto authored by Jain. It’s a thesis that explores the mathematical derivation or origins of sacred symbols like the Golden Spiral (Ram’s Horn), the VW symbol, the Pentagram, the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, Magic Squares and much more.

• Its basic premise is to view Mathematics as Pictures or Power Art, that is recognized as Feminine, Right Brain Mathematics. Its like the reader is putting on X-Ray goggles to see Numbers as Shapes: the Universal Language of Pattern Recognition.

• Jain takes the child on a Journey from Zero (The Bindu), onwards to 3 (Triangle), to 4 (Square) to 5 (Pentagon) to 6 (Hexagon) etc and magically transforms them into exquisite Art.

• Later these Starkidz, with this foundation, will be ready to start exploring some sequences extracted from the common Multiplication Tables. Called Mathemagics For Juniors, they will learn the StarGate Maths called Digital Reduction or Compression to simplify larger digits to single digits and reveal hidden Atomic Art.

• This book is a rare collection of the finest patterns available, and has never before been comprehensively compiled in such a visually stunning way.

• Great for teenage students wanting to further their love of Numbers and great for adults who are willing to learn again.

• Jain believes that if most students who struggled with mathematics were to simply have studied these mathematical patterns, and not learnt their algebra and trigonometry as required, would have seen life through another lens and developed a deeper appreciation for the Beauty of Mathematics.

• "If I were to leave this planet and leave one gift that would best serve me to be remembered by or to share gems of knowledge, it would no doubt be this Compendium. I am excited to release these gems in the exciting year of 2012, a time when many hidden or esoteric studies are being raised into full view. I believe that these simple Mathematical Codes are Celestial Transcripts and are part of our Ascension Process”.

This book is a collector's item, it is a summary of 25 years of avid research on this exciting topic.
Jain 108

Section 3  
•  Introduction
Chapter 1
Drawing Circles + Weaving Semi-Circles Free-Hand
Chapter 2
• Triangle Numbers + Tetrahedron Numbers
Chapter 3
• Square Numbers + Cube Numbers  (Cubic Number Patterns)
Chapter 4
• The Magic Square of 3x3 Lo-Shu Pattern + Rotating it upon   itself at a 90 Degree Rotation
+ Embedding the Pentacle Within Itself  
Chapter 5
• Pentagrams. Drawing Freehand the Uni-Cursal Pentagram
Chapter 6
• Hexagrams + The Star of David + Drawing Free-hand the Uni-Cursal Hexagram (Without Taking Your Pen Off The Paper)
+ Mystic Rose

Chapter 7
• Cube Combinations
+ Exploring Wooden Cubelets or Square Tiles:
Number Patterns or Permutations.

Chapter 8
• String Art
Chapter 9
• Creation of the 7-Circuit Labyrinth

Section 4
"Mathemagics For Star-Kidz"

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 17 of 96)

Drawing Semi-Circles

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 19 of 96)

Free-Form Drawing Using Semi-Circles

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 28 of 96)

Constructing Tetrahedron using wooden dowelling

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 34 of 96)

Drawing The Cube both in Solid Form and Transparent View

Jain 108 MatheMagics
(page 44 of 96)
Drawing the Sino-Tibetan Lo-Shu Magic Square of 3x3 at two rotations
Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 47 of 96)

Starr Prana 108 Constructing the Sino-Tibetan Lo-Shu Magic Square of 3x3
using coloured string upon a board with nails.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 54 of 96)

Drawing Fractal Pent: Pentacle Within Pentacle Within Pentacle. The StarKid is required to observe how the Pentacle inverts itself and then uprights itself, as it nests or embeds forever within itSelf, an infinity, an oscillation of the Highest Order.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 57 of 96)

The Six Around The One and the Creation of the Hexagon

Jain 108 MatheMagics
(page 63 of 96)
The Unicursal Hexagram, drawing this without taking your pen or pencil off the page, a very exciting puzzle with a predictable outcome that the StarChild can draw it mindlessly yet the accompanying parent cannot!


Jain 108 MatheMagics 

(page 64 of 96)

The Mystic Rose or Circle with 12 dots (Dodecagon). The StarChild is instructed to join a line from each dot to every other dot possible, an introduction to Einstein's Unified Field.


Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 71 of 96)
Cube Permutations or Explorations into Tiling Squares, where each face touches another face squarely, and tabulating or charting the results, like young scientists!

Jain 108 MatheMagics 

(page 78 of 96)

Starzi Porter constructing her String Art upon a breadboard with 24 nails (IcosaTetraGon) and using multi-layers of fine wool and string


Jain 108 MatheMagics 

(page 82 of 96)

Construction of the 7-Circuit Labyrinth, a favourite lesson, where StarChildren practise their 1st Lesson drawing circles and semi-circles and equally spaced curves. Although the design looks complex, any 5 year old child can draw this!


Jain 108 MatheMagics

(page 90 of 96)

A typical Promotional Poster used to gather the group in Mullumbimby, at Living Yoga Sanga. You can see in the pictures that StarChildren also construct the 5 Platonic Solids as large as cubby-houses, which is another 9 week course or the sequel to this course.


Jain 108 MatheMagics 

(page 93 of 96)

Lila Boddington drawing and colouring-in her Lo-Shu Magic Square of 3x3.

(constituting Mathemagics For Juniors 9 to 12 year olds curriculum)
Jain 108 MatheMagics
 Converting the common Times Table into Atomic Art!
Jain 108 MatheMagics
The 4 Times Tables Digitally Compressed Upon the 9 Point Circle making the Enneagram Star
Jain 108 MatheMagics
 All The Pairs of 9, in the Digitally Compress Multiplication Table make similar patterns!
Jain 108 MatheMagics
The Wheel of 24 Capturing the Primes and revealing amazing symmetry akin to the Maltese Cross.
Jain 108 MatheMagics
The Tessellation or Tiling of the Lo-Shu Magic Square of 3x3 reveals the Atomic Structure of Diamond!

Section 5

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