The BOOK Of PHI, vol 8, True Value Of Pi = JainPi = 3.144...

The BOOK Of PHI, vol 8, True Value Of Pi = JainPi = 3.144... The BOOK Of PHI, vol 8, True Value Of Pi = JainPi = 3.144... The BOOK Of PHI, vol 8, True Value Of Pi = JainPi = 3.144... The BOOK Of PHI, vol 8, True Value Of Pi = JainPi = 3.144... The BOOK Of PHI, vol 8, True Value Of Pi = JainPi = 3.144...
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The BOOK Of PHI, Volume 8
subtitle: The True Value of Pi = JainPi = 3.144...
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
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The following information is in 5 Parts:
1 - ABOUT the title: "THE BOOK OF PHI, VOLUME 8" BOOK,
3 - CONTENTS, In Brief and Full

Part 1

1 -  ABOUT "THE BOOK OF PHI, Volume 8",
I am happy to announce the release of my eighth book on the Divine Proportion,
 from an 9 book series 
known as:
title: THE BOOK OF PHI, volume 8
subtitle: The True Value of Pi = JainPi = 3.144...
Number of Pages: 247 photocopied pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9872543-4-4

Published: 2014 Self-Published, First Edition.

© 2014, Jain Mathemagics
This Compendium is Self-Published by F.R.E.E.D.O.M.S
(An Acronym for:
"For Research Expressing Essential Data Of Magic Squares”)

Cost: $70 aud (and $44 for the eBook)

Size: the book is a golden rectangle but fitted or orientated to A4 landscape. It is highly illustrated, is hand-written in parts but mainly computerized.
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This book is a collector's item, it is a summary of 30 years of avid research on this exciting topic.


The Resurrection Of Phi








The Reintroduction of the Phi Button/Key

Upon the Face of the Electronic Calculator!


The God of the Golden Root of Phi Φ


The Celestial Meets The Terrestrial


Pi Under Attack 


The True Value of Jain Pi 3.144…


(or The Apotheosis of JainPi 3.144…)


Phi Meets Pi


The Correction of Ancestral Errors


The Phi-Nomenon of JainPi

Part 2

Jain 108 MatheMagics 
• You’ve been spoonfed a lie for your whole life! The anointed Pi that you know (the Circle To Square relationship) is a deliberate disharmonic frequency. It does not equal 3.141592… Ask NASA, they use another value for pi! This erroneous pi value is merely an approximation for the limit or sum of millions and billions of triangular polygons (like narrow slices of a pizza) used to derive the circumference of the circle, fudging straight lines to achieve a smooth curve, using the Linear to comprehend or describe the Non-Linear Curve-Circumference. It does not reflect or account for the millions and billions of tiny or infinitesimal little Areas Under The Curve. The fundamental error is that our greatest mathematicians for thousands of years assumed, with brute force, that the more polygons we imposed the more magically that the Area Under The Curve would simply just disappear. Like der. An ancient and embarrassing intellectual faux pas.

• Fortunately, the True Value of Pi, known as JainPi = 3.144605511029693144can be determined, by copying and comprehending the Phi-ratioed mathematics of flowers and crystals, the human canon and planetary distances from the sun: based on the Golden Root or Square Root of Phi (1.272… which is the height of the Cheop's pyramid when its apothem or centre of base to edge length is 1 unit). JainPi = 4 / √ϕ (4 ÷ by the square root of Phi). It has algebraic golden roots derived from a 4th dimensional equation/polynomial (x4 + 16x2 – 256 = 0), contradicting all the books on its transcendentality.
• One purpose of this compendium is the promotion of International Conferences entitled: "IS PI A LIE?.” Its aim is to gather and harvest the greatest mathematical minds on the planet today, towards the Fibonaccization of East & West, to finally put an end to this ancient debate.
• Lots of interesting information on Traditional or Legacy Pi, has been included in this book and its sequel, volume 9, is specifically on Pi with some extra notes on JainPi.

• … it has been over a decade that Jain of Oz has speculated that Pi could be falsch and now with the release of his major work The Book of Phi, volume 8, confirming that it is indeed falsch, seasoned and once skeptical mathematicians are now reaching for their thesauri in search of superlatives that would do Jain 108 justice… openly and excitedly announcing without any doubt the correctness of JainPi… a phi-nomenon that takes us to the source of non-decaying spin of the electron and the physics of black holes…

• Twenty-seven years of humble research by one of the most knowledgeable person on the planet promises to blow a (w)hole wide open and right through the epicenter of shifting mathematical consciousness.

Jain 108

2014 (a promethean year, due to shake the world’s mathematical foundations).

Part 3

C 0 N T E N T S    I N    B R I E F
  • Introduction
  • Phi-Pi In The Circle-Square Relationship
  • Pi Assassinated: The Resurrection of Phi
  • The Geometric Interpretation of (1+√5)÷2
  • Phi-Pi: Where Else Does Phi and Pi Exist?
  • Appendices
  • Index

C O N T E N T S    I N    F U L L
  • Introduction

Part 1 − New Symbols for Pi and Phi
Part 2 − Unit Circle, Circumference & Square Area

Part 3 − Harmonics Of The Squared Circle
Part 4 − The Torus Ring Of Root 5
Part 5 − The Reciprocals Of The Powers Of Phi

Part 1    
"ϕ” Phi = (1+√5)÷2 as a VISUAL CONSTRUCT
− Unity Square that Generates the Phi Ratio
− The Double Square or Double Cube that Generates 
   Root 5
− The Maltese Cross Generated from the Root 5 
   Diagonals whose Sweeping Path or Locii Generates 
   a Circle which is the Geometry of Pi
Part 2     
The Geometric Interpretation of (1+√5)÷2
− Square ROOT of 5 STAR
− Division of the Circle into 9 Layers Based on PHI 
   and Root 5
Part 3    
Jain 108 of Oz True Value of Pi = 3.144605511... Based on the Square Root of Phi
− Jain Pi = 4÷√Φ 
 = 4 ÷ 1.272019649...  = 3.144605511...
Part 1
− Phi & Pi in the Cheops Pyramid
− Phi & Pi in the Mystical Squaring of the Circle
− The Golden Right-Angled Phi TriΔngle.  
   1 : √Φ : Φ
− The Golden Root or Root of Phi
   or √Φ = 1.272019649…
Part 2
− The Radian Is The Ancient Truth, 
Not The Arbitrary 360° Of The Unit Circle
− Converting Traditional Radian Measure To The True JainPi Radian or 
Jain Radian = 57.2408842281331…°
Appendix 1
− Reddivari’s Value of Pi Based On Root 2
Appendix 2
− "Quadrature of the Diameter”: Generating Another Phi-Pi Connection by Using the Ratio of 1:4
Appendix 3
− On Nicholas of Cusa's Circle: Ignorance of the Polygonal View of Circle to Derive Pi
Appendix 4
− The Enneagram’s Symbolic "3 and One Seventh” is a secret close approximation to JainPi (3.144…)
Appendix 5
− The Billy Meier and Jain 108 Connection & Prophesy of the 
True Value of Pi=3.144605511...
Appendix 6
− Keely’s Pi Value Of 3.144...  Is The Same As Jain’s True Value Of Pi
Appendix 7
− Prof Stefanide’s Value Of 3.144… Based on the Golden Root - Is the Solution to a 4th Dimensional Equation
Appendix 8
− Pi Appears In The Barbury Castle Crop Circle, Wiltshire, 2008
Appendix 9
− Chart For The Powers Of Pi & JainPi
Appendix 10
− Bill Harrington’s Pinary Solar System: Email Notes On JainPi
Appendix 11
− Dr Serban of Romania Has Also Established Independently that True Pi = 3.1446…
Appendix 12
− Taylor’s Secret Of the Great Pyramid in Cheops:
Contains Measurement Of JainPi = 3.1446…
Appendix 13
− JainPi (3.1446…) is the Solution to the 4th power (4th-Dimensional) Quadratic Equation: x4 + 42x2 – 44 = 0
Appendix 14
− Phi Pi Relationships
Appendix 15
− Buffon’s Needles and JainPi = 3.144…
Appendix 16
− Jain Pi to 1000 Decimal Places
Appendix 17
− Eudemus’ Reference to JainPi
Appendix 18
− Email From Japaseta: Reference to JainPi
Appendix 19
−JainPi 3.144… To Infinity
Appendix 20
− Nathan Jolly’s Article On JainPi Sent To Monash University
Appendix 21
− NASA Engineer "Smokey” Admits Pi Is In Error
Appendix 22
− The Decimal Magic of Nine
Appendix 23
− Laser Surveying To Confirm True Pi
Appendix 24
− Guest List For "Is Pi A Lie? International Conference
Appendix 25
− Bibliography + Website Links
For 4 more important references to JainPi, refer to the sequel to this book: The Book Of Phi, Vol 9: Appendices
Appendix A
− Magic Squares, Phi & Pi
Appendix B
− Control Charts Utilizing 3.144…
Appendix C
− Los Alamos Value of JainPi = 3.144…
Appendix D
− The MonteCarlo Method: Reference To JainPi = 3.144…

INDEX of Words

INDEX of Numbers

The End  

Part 4

2 possible cover designs From "THE BOOK OF PHI, Volume 8"

Jain 108 MatheMagics
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
Here are 16 Sample Pages from this book:
1 - Comet Person bringing down the the True Value of Pi to Earth Beings
(the descending slope angle is based on what Plato termed "The Most Beautiful Triangle": the Phi Triangle that is Right-Angled whose critical angle of 51 deg and 51 mins is the same as the Cheops Pyramid base angles). It also employs the Golden Root or Square Root of Phi = 1.272...
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
2 - Oopps, our best and most trusted mathematicicans, for over 2000 years have overlooked this fundamental error. It humbles me to know both Einstein and Euler, two of our best minds, who played a lifetime with pi, never saw the silly error...
 Jain 108 MatheMagics
3 - True Pi is the true and eternal relationship between the Circle and its bounding Square.
 Jain 108 MatheMagics
4 - To arrive at True Pi, we need to learn and understand the hidden forces, that which underpins the universe: is the concept of the Divine Trinity: here 3 tangential circles demonstrate the simple magic of Phi and root 5.     (thanks to Erik Erlandsen for this most amazing diagram).
 Jain 108 MatheMagics
5 - Similarly, 16 (or 4x4) smaller circles in the larger frame of its bounding or encompassing circle shows that the guts of the circle is truly based on Phi. This revolutionary diagram means that we can calculate everything we need with only using phi, and abandoning pi. (Thanks to VortexSpace.Org)
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
6 - Square Root of 5 to 2,500 digits...
 Jain 108 MatheMagics
7 - Another Phi-Pi Bullet: when we geometrically express the Phi formula of (1+root5) divided by 2 we end up with its locus or locii (plural) which is the (red) circle inside the square which is really pi. I particularly love this revelation.
 Jain 108 MatheMagics
8 - The comparative Area Under the Curve for the Hexagon and the IcosaTetraGon
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
9 - Its all about the Golden Root, or the height of the Cheops Pyramid = 1.272... It so happens that the square of this height (is root Phi x root Phi = Phi or 1.618...) is the same as the square area of the triangular face of the Pyramid. Our ancient forebears knew how to fine-tune their instruments.
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
10 - The Phi Triangle that is Right-Angled: Plato's "Most Beautiful Triangle"
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
11 - JainPi Radians is the slightly corrected value of the traditional "Radian".
The radian is an important measure, it takes the radius of the unit circle and lays it upon the circumference, as if it was a piece of curving string, and this gives us a measurement for a critical angle of 51.24 degrees.
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
12 - Professor Stefanides of Greece used a fourth dimensional algebraic polynomial to derive the Golden Root.  T4 - T2 - 1 = 0
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
13 - JainPi Crop Circle. Each number of JainPi is expressed as an equivalent arc of circular measurement, moving from the outside to the inside, that is, neural implosion.
Jain 108 MatheMagics 
14 - The Rectification of the Circle shows equal Perimeters of Circle and Square, where side length of square = JainPi divided by 2 = 1.5723... 
and the Mystical Squaring Of The Circle shows equal Square Areas of the Circle and Square, where the side length is the square root of JainPi = 1.7733...
Jain 108 MatheMagics
15 - JainPi to 1,000 dp. nb: the fundamental mathematics or geometry that creates this True Value of Pi is based on the Double Unit Square that allows us to compute Root 5 via its long diagonal thanks to Pythagoras' Theorem. This links the Harmonics of the Square to the Harmonics of the Circle.
 Jain 108 MatheMagics
16 - 4 Anointed Numbers whose 12th decimal placement is honoured by the Royal Number 9.
(thanks to Oleg Lapchynskyi).
Jain 108 MatheMagics 

Part 5

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