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1 - About
Book 4: The MAGIC Of NINE: eBOOK: Jain Mathemagics Curriculum For The Global School






1 - About Book 4: The MAGIC Of NINE: eBOOK: Jain Mathemagics Curriculum For The Global School

This ebook contains 156 photocopied pages, is computer-typed, highly illustrated, the book is a golden rectangle but fitted or orientated to A4 landscape , and wire bound. $33
Self Published in 2001 First Edition

ISBN: 0 9594180-7-5

Link to website is:

Originally known as "The Magic Of Nine In Vedic Mathematics" it goes beyond the Vedas, and belongs to Universal Knowledge. This is Jain's lifetime collection of interesting information regarding the mystical number 9, enhancing the student's love for numbers.

A superior system of Vedic Mathematics that will enhance the current western curriculum in schools.
You will never again multiply or divide the way you do now after understanding the 16 basic sutras.

A highly intelligent and sophisticated system of Intuitive or Clairvoyant Mathematics.
This book is inspired by Shankacharaya of Puri a.k.a. Bharati Krsna Tirthaji's (1884-1960) now famous book 'Vedic Mathematics'. This book has spawned a 1,000 websites! Shankacharaya was invited to
by Paramahansa Yogananda on a world tour spreading the ancient message of Vedic Mathematics.
Shankacharaya's chief and current disciple is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation fame. Maharishi's spiritual school is churning out child geniuses like the 'Rain Man'. The Art of Mental Calculation is an important way of exercising the Brain's 'Mental Muscle'. In contrast to the left-brain-logical-male method of rote-learning we learnt at school, this system uses the right-brain-female style of Pattern Recognition. Its purpose is to make it known that we are far more superior than any calculator. Jain believes that if we persist to use calculators for the next 20 years, the global brain will atrophy. This book has a list of the 16 Vedic Sutras and explains some of them.
This book evolved as a series of lecture notes. Over the year whilst I was first demonstrating the definition of Vedic Mathematics as a Mental and One-Line Arithmetical System of 16 Sutras, people in the audience were too busy scribbling the examples down and therefore not paying full attention, so I decided to put most of the lecture examples and extra notes into this book.




  • A superior system of Vedic Mathematics that will enhance the current "western Curriculum" in Schools.
  • All calculations can be done either mentally or simply by one-line of intelligent arithmetic.
  • You only need to know your 2, 3, 4 and 5 Times Table. Its brilliant!
  • Increases Self-Confidence.
  • You will never again multiply or divide the way you do now after understanding the 16 basic Sutras or "Word Formulae" that solve all known mathematical problems.
  • The brain is a muscle and needs exercising mental calculations. Say goodbye to your calculator.
  • Become a Human Bio-Calculator!



• Two Opening Prayers, by Jain (p9)

• Short Biography on Swami Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (p11)

• Introduction: (p14)

- Part A  (p15)

- Squaring 2 Digit Numbers (p16)

- Squaring 3 Digit Numbers (p17)

- Squaring 4 Digit Numbers (p17)

- Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers (p18)

- Multiplying 3 Digit Numbers (p19)

- Multiplying 4 Digit Numbers (p20)

• Introduction Part B: (p21)
- Decimalizing the fraction 1/19 using Vedic Maths (p21)

- 1/19 Using The Complements of Nine (p23)

- 1/19 Using the tedious current Western System (p27)

- 1/19 Cycle of the 18 Digits (p28)  

• Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: Vedic Maths Visionary (p29)

• The 16 Sutras (cryptic Sanskrit Word Formulae) (p30)
- Sub-Sutras (p31)
• Special Division by 9 (p33)

• Sutra: "All From 9 and the Last from 10” (p34)

• Al-Arquan Al-Hindi: Origin of our Arabic Numerals (p36)

• Prayer for Reconnecting The Human Bio-Circuitry (p37)

• Vedic Maths Article 17-3-01 (p39)

• Vedic Square / Atomic Art, Internet Letter (p43)

• The Law of the Squares, linking: (p44)

- The 9 Times Table (p45)

- Duplex (Dwandwa Yoga) (p49)

- Logarithms, John Napier’s ingenious system (p53)

• Urdhva Tiryak (p55)

• Finger Computation (p56)

• A Dream (p57)

• A Tribute to 1/89 (featuring the 11th Fibonacci Term)

- Auxiliary fractions (p59)

- Complementary Cycles of Nines (p61)

- Digital Sums of Fibonacci Sequence = Period of 24

- Glorifying the Base 12 System (p64) 

• A Tribute to 1/81 (p65)

- Beware of Erroneous Mathematical Gurus (p66)

- Squaring of 1, 11, 111, etc (p67)

- 1/81 = .012345679 (The Missing 8) (p68)

- Gematria of 37 (p69)

- 1/81 solved using Auxiliary Fractions. 2 Methods (p70)

• Poisson’s Ratio (p73)

• Complements (p75)

- Digital Pairings from 1 to 9 (p76)

- Vertical Intervals of 9, 99, 999 (p78)

- Digital Pairings (or Number Partners) from 10-20 (p79)

- Chart of the Complements (p81)

• Pi (∏) Vedic Numerical Code. Hymn to Krishna (p83)

- 3.1415926 = "Go-Pi-Bha-Ya-Ma-Dhu-Ra-Ta” (p84)

• Shri Yantra of 9 Interlacing Triangles (p84)

• Construction of the Enneagon or 9-sided Polygon (p88)

• Digital Sums (p90)

• Indestructibility of 9 (p91)

• The Essene Magic Square of 9x9 (p92)

- Drawn Once and 2x (p93)

- Drawn 4x (Back Cover) and 8x (Front Cover) (p94)

• The Vedic Square (Digit Sums of the "X” Table (p95)

- Atomic Structure of Rutile (p95)

- Atomic Structure of Platinum Crystal (p96)

- Pattern of 9 (p97)

• APPENDIX. Random Notes (p99)

• Vedic Maths Poster, Byron Bay (p100)

• Mathemagics: Teaching Maths via Theatre in Schools

• Other Books by Jain. Front Covers and Back Covers

• Order Form (p110)

• Forthcoming Book by Jain (p111)

• Order of Lecture Presentation (p113)

• Acknowledgements of Graphics Used (p114)

• The Magic Cube of 9x9x9 (p116)

• The Magic Star of 9 (p119)

• Anecdote. Multiplying by 11, 12 and 13 (p120)

• Bibliography (p122)

• Order and Pattern of Steps for Multiplying 2, 3, 4 and 5
   Digit Numbers (p123)

• The Magic Of Nine: EXTRA NOTES (p125)

- Jain’s Magic Fingers (p125)

• Clusters of Nines to Higher Powers
   eg 99x99 aka 99 Squared aka 99^2 (p126)

• Answers (p128)

• Symmetrical and Pyramidal Pattern of Nines (p129)

• The Magical 142857 (p129)

• Symmetrical Pattern of Nines (p130)

• Multiplication of Numbers by 9s eg: 235x999 (p134)

• Predicting A Future Answer (p141)

• Answers In The Ashes (p143)

• The Magic of Nine Hidden Within the Doubling Sequence  

- Plotting the Infinitely Recurring Pattern of the Doubling
   Sequence Upon the 9-Point Circle (p147)

• Special Division by 9 (p149)

• Common Expressions of 9 in the English Language





Jain 108 MatheMagics

Front Cover, image of mandala of the Magic Square of 9x9 (rotated upon itself 8 times) all hand drawn!

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p31 of 159) 9 Point Circle representing the fraction 1/19 or 1 divided by 19

showing a Cycle of 18 Digits. We are seeing that all fractions have hidden symmetry which the western mathematics does not show, and underlying this symmetry is the magic of 9ness.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p36 of 159) Special Division By 9. An elegant swift one line answer when dividing by 9.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p39 of 159) Al Arquan Al Hindu

is the origin of the numeral glyph system, all numbers being generated from the Square-Circle-Cross diagram shown. It depicts how the original sanskrit number "1" has "1" angle, and the original sanskrit number "2" has "2" angles, and the original sanskrit number "3" has "3" angles, etc

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p59 of 159) Finger Computation of the 9 Times Table gives the young student a tactile relationship with numbers, using their fingers or digits to solve Multiplications. This method of Magic Fingers saves the young student 2 years of rote learning at school. The title "Magic Fingers" was coined by me, and I popularized this lost method from 100 years ago, into the main modern curriculum.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p61 of 159) 1 divided by 89

The decimalization of 1/89 has a remarkable cyclic answer, have a look in the book to discover this. Its a mathematical gem.
The circular motif is the sunflower floret drawn on a computer showing the counter rotating fields of 21:34. A highly psycho-active yantra and One of the key Laws of Nature. The symbolism of 9ness is hidden in this mystery of the sunflower or Divine Proportion, but it explained in my many books on Phi how 9 is the Galactic Base and the secret to the 1098 Pattern hidden in the sunflower vortex mathematics.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p91 of 159) Construction of the Enneagon or 9 sided polygon, using compass and straight edge only.

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p100 of 159) Pattern for the 9 Times Table is shown in the upper right hand quadrant, and this pattern is repeated 4 times in the square to generate this amazing network of lines depicting the essence of 9ness. I call this hand-drawing: "The 4 World Angels"

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p121 of 159) Magic Star of 9

(reprinted from the classic: "Magic Squares and Cubes"

by W.S Andrews, pub. 1917

Jain 108 MatheMagics

(p127 of 159) Hands of 9 Pairs

Notice how I have attributed numbers to each of the ten fingers, but using only numbers from "0 to 9". Look carefully at the opposing pairs of similar fingers and you will see that they are all Pairs of 9!

0 & 9     1 & 8     2 & 7     3 & 6     4 & 5 etc

Jain 108 MatheMagics

Back Cover




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