Jain 108 MatheMagics
14th November 2005
Arrive to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Travelling with Aaron Lutze from the Gold Coast, Australia.
We will meet with Thangaraja Saravanan. He has affiliations with Singaporean groups focussed on Accelerated Learning, Spirit of Learning, Soul In Education. His details are: Email : vanan@fikintl.com  ph: 603 92005349, Wilayah Persekutuan. I will allow 4 days to have Radio and Television interviews and Press Release, leading up to a second visit on the 4th Dec when we meet with the Advisor to the Prime Minister.

18th Nov:
Arrive Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh, Central India, to meet with Kranti Kiran, world renowned Vedic Mathematician. His details are: E-mail: Kranti_Kiran@yahoo.com      http://KrantiKiran.Tripod.com  
Mobile Phone: +91 (986) 665-7139

26th Nov
Arrive Goa, to write my next next book on Vedic Mathematics.

4th December:
Arrive Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to meet again with Thangaraja Saravanan who has organised a meeting for me to meet with the Minister of Education.
I will also give some public lectures to attract several days of seminars entitled:
To be held at the Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - 5th (Mon) Dec, 2005,
time: 5.30pm to 9pm. Phone Vanan on 0122188895 or email him on
11th Dec till the 4th January 2006 (Arrive Brisbane): 
Arrive Kolkata, India to meet with Gaurav Tekriwal, publisher of Kolkata Vedic Mathematics Newsletter called: "Vedika".
He organised for me to visit some schools and give some public lectures. He also helps underpriveleged children, found on the streets and put into special schools that are also ashrams, offering these children opportunities to study Vedic Mathematics.
Gaurav's details are: Phone: 91-33-2440-5737  and Email: gtekriwal@gmail.com.
The Purpose of this visit to India was to meet two special Vedic Mathematics Teachers willing to come to the west and teach their ancient Knowledge.
I had been on email with Kranti Kiran for 2 years, and with Gaurav Tekriwal for 6 months.

Gaurav Tekriwal Jain 108 MatheMagics  and Kranti Kiran  Jain 108 MatheMagics





It is my general observation and conclusion that teenage Indian students are more adept mathematically than Western students. The area where they excel is specifically in the honoured realm of Mental Calculation. Calculators have not destroyed their culture yet. I also suspect that due to general poverty, students work much harder, as they are pushed by their parents to excel and aim for good grades. I was thoroughly impressed by their class performance, and felt very proud to be amongst them. They treated me, a foreign guest, with much respect and even reverence, that I had come purely to share knowledge with them, with no expectation of any cost or charge, just the pure intent to learn from them, as much as they would learn from me. There was good manners in the class room, not one child got out of line or was disobedient. In some cases, the rooms were packed like sardine cans, and they stood in one spot for up to 4 hours, enthralled!




Vengalarao Nagar, Shiv Bagh, Moti Nagar, HYDERABAD.

This was the first school where Kranti Kiran and I taught.

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics

There were about 400-500 students, but the problem was acoustics. It was such a large hall, that could fit 1,000 students, made of concrete walls, and marble floors, such that our microphoned voice kept echoing.  This was filmed by Aaron Lutze, my companion and assistant on this journey, but unfortunately the audio was unable to be used. It was a good lesson in being totally pre-organised, and aware of venues before we just rock up.



Sandhiv Saji:

Principal of Sri Chaitanya Junior Kalasala, Hyderabad.

Kranti organised, again another spontaneous lecture, 2 lots of 1 hours, where 250 people attended each class, hearing 2 lectures on Vedic Maths, and Magic Squares. This school has many other institutes associated to it, up to 5,000 students.

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics

It was outdoors, and my images were projected on a wall outside. Many teachers attended. All children, 15 years and over, thoroughly enjoyed it, as I received a loud clap of thanks. Kranti did his usual half an hour on Vedic Maths. Together we are a good team. His main examples were patterns of 9, like 346 x 999,  783 x 9999, 567 x 9993. Also, he enjoys teaching examples like 123 x 11 and 123 x 12 and 123 x 13.

Kranti helped them quickly to write me a Certificate:

"It has been a pleasure in inviting and listening to Mr Jain of Australia in our college on 23rd November 2005. There were about 500 students and faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the audience of age group 16-18 years. Jain talked on various topics including Vedic Squares, Sacred Geometry, Divine Proportion, Vasthu, Vedic Mathematics and so on. It was a great demonstration of his versatile knowledge on topics that include Idian old and forgotten wisdom. It was very well received  by all the students and faculty of the college. I appreciate Mr Jain for his time to come to our place and entrall us with his talk.

Wishing him all the best in all his future endeavours. Best Regards”.


Sandhiv Saji: Principal of Sri Chaitanya Junior Kalasala, Hyderabad. 

Sandhiv, at the end of the lecture, invited us cordially back to her office, with 10 other teachers from the Math and Physics department, vice-principal, to offer me a sponge cake. They had organized that my name be written in coloured cream on the top: “THANK-Q MR JAIN” (No spelling error; it is quite common to have the “Q” replacing the “You”. The picture above, right, depicts the principal of this school cutting the cake.


(We also gave another  1 and a half lecture at another school, the following day, on the 24th November, arrived  2 hours late, and all the 100 students eagerly waited for our arrival, and did not finish till like 7 pm! We had been many hours at Hi-Tech City, where Microsoft offices are etc and got carried away with many adult people who were fascinated by our lectures).




I believe that the 400 people who attended this 1 and half lecture, are the brains of India. “InfoSys” is the top computer company in all of India. Hyderabad is the second Hi-Tech City, the main city in India leading the revolution in computer training is Bangalore, in Karnataka, south of India.

Kranti and I were dumbfounded, that most of the examples we gave on Vedic Mathematics, they already knew the answers in seconds. This was the first time that such an event happened like this. Regardless of the fact that they were young adults, not students, they had exceptional brilliance in the realm of mental calculation.


 Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics


Kranti organised me to talk to 400 people, spontaneously, at short notice.via  Rohit Munjal, the Manager of Infosys, who welcomed me. The picture on the right is a lotus shaped building in concrete, typical of emerging new structures of Hi-Tech City.

I was a bit daunted by the very high security of armed guards who insisted we needed a visitor pass which involved getting a photo taken and id pinned on my shirt. I believe this is because that there are all the top computer companies in the world based here, and one person could walk in with an infected disc and release a virus to their competitors computers).

I was also amazed at how quickly 400 people could just gather into a hall, from just a few emails posted out in one day of notice! India is like this, its part of its unexplainable beauty, how things just work and come together. It’s a bit like their traffic on their roads, thousands of vehicles bustling past one another, on the wrong side of the road, beeping horns, but there is rarely an accident, like millions of blood corpuscles and platelets streaming along their merry way.

It was a very successful lecture.

Sudhir Agarwal

At the end, one of the audience came up to me, Sudhir Agarwal, an associate consultant of infosys, and he claims to be able to do 5 didits x 5 digits, within 10 seconds, via “The Art of Approximation”. Kranti was very impressed, mainly because he can do it not from the usual right to the left, but from the left to the right!

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics
Jain watching in amazement as Sudhir Agarwal multiplies 5 digits x 5 digits in 10 seconds!

Kranti and I were given a wooden plaque for our teachings. Kranti had spoken half an hour of vedic mathematics after my 1 hour powerpoint presentation on 108 Phi Code, Vedic Square, and some Vedic Maths.


(We quickly had to rush to anther school: our second visit to NALANDA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS  which we almost cancelled, as we were already 2 hours late, but decided to honour our promise to teach there.

We arrived  2 hours late, and all the 100 students eagerly waited for our arrival. It went from 6 to 7.30pm! We had been many hours at Hi-Tech City, where Microsoft offices are etc and got carried away with many adult people who were fascinated by our lectures).




(The above title is the name on a wooden Plaque given to me, which has a photo of their famous founder).

Kranti and I got up at dawn, to catch an early bus to Warangal (it was several hours north of Hyderabad, if you caught an express bus that did not stop, otherwise it was a long and bumpy 4 hours).

We met with a Brahmin priest and his wife, who was like a semi holy mother. (I photographed Kranti bowing to her feet).

His name is G Ramayya Sarma 0870 2567461  cell 9849206765   Sri Sachinananda Temple. His home address or work is in Manmakonda (AP) India. (I have his business card but it is written all in Telegu).

When we entered his humble home, I recognized above the door, pictures of Yoganandaji Paramahansa, next to Babaji. (The actual picture from his walls is the picture shown on this page regarding the section on Malaysia above). All walls were littered with sacred with Magic Squares around Ganesha, exquisite yantras etc on marble floor. His main guru is Satchidananda who apparently could walk thru fire.

We were given breakfast by the mother It was the best meal I had all week as it was made with love.

We saw two temples, before we went to teach at the school. We were blessed by the presence of a very distinguished Professor of Mathematics, (who at the end of my 2 hour show, gave the 150 students (15 years and over) more algebra on the Fibonacci Sequence, + a 4 x 4 magic square based on the top row being the day’s date, like 25 11 20 05. The picture below depicts this aging scholar who blessed me and urged his students to listen carefully to this knowledge on the Fibonacci Sequence, which is actually of Hindu origin, and should be known as the Gopala-Hemachandra Sequence! He and the principal have just placed an honourary robe of felicitations or respect for my lecture and are giving me the plaque that depicts the founder of their school.

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics 

The main hall was being renovated, so instead of having like 500 students in one area, we had to squash 150 in a normal class room. They were quite amazing as they literally stood on one spot for over 3 hours. They were fascinated by this lecture and did not want to leave. They seemed especially fascinated by the lap-top and projector as if it was an admirable secret symbol of technological wizardry.

I mainly spoke on the famous Fibonacci Sequence, which I understand they know about, which they loved, then an intro on Vedic Mathematics. This was followed by Kranti’s half an hour on Vedic Mathematics.

Of interest was the actual felicitations or opening ceremony given to us. This involved the principal and 3 other important people. There was a small lamp that had 6 spouts upon which white candle wicks were laid upon, and dipped in the central bowl of ghee or butter oil. Each of the 6 main guests were asked to light one of these wicks, in turn. It was a beautiful honouring for Kranti and I to be blessed like this.

Also, we received another thank you ceremony at the end of the lecture being given a wooden plaque adorned with the founder of the school. One special moment for me was when they asked me to come up on stage and they placed a new grew shawl around my neck, but I wore it over my head like a Moslem woman, at which moment the whole class screamed with excitement.  For this reason, the 3 hour show, went from 3 to 4 hours, quite a long time, considering we had to travel on a bus home, for another 4 hours, it was late and dark when we arrived home.

Of interest, after the children helped us pack up our computers and toys, they wanted  our signatures. All the girls flocked to Kranti, and all the boys flocked to me. For each person, I signed my name very flourishingly, and drew a magic square of 3 X 3. It was so crazy, they kept pushing and fighting, it was almost impossible to sign any book.

Of interest, after we escaped from the book signings, one boy, who had been in my class, suddenly appeared on his own, and opened up his book of white pages. I saw the words: “I Love You” written across the center of the page. I was very touched by this beautiful moment, so I quickly responded, as all the teachers were waiting for us to get a taxi to the bus depot, so I said to him:

“Look, remember when we drew one Phi spiral in the class, here is what you get when you draw 2 phi spirals: A Love Heart!”. That was a magic moment, as it had happened so quickly, and we both had some special sign of respect for one another.

We were given an envelop with 1,000 rupees, which is like $30 aud. This was the only school, so far, that had given me and Kranti, any form of monetary compensation, not that we expected anything, but Kranti must have asked for some monies to at least cover some of the traveling expenses. For this reason, it was considered a special token of respect.



Sudhir Agarwal

We met Sudhir Agarwal again at the airport leaving from Hyderabd to Goa. He could be the next  Shakuntala Devi. Only Kranti can check his performance so see if he is pure, and gifted with exceptional talent. It is worthy here to note that my school or our school is not about collected teachers who are prodigies or have Gifts of God, we are more interested in teachers who can share Knowledge and make it more accessible to the global school.
Sudhir wants me to help him conduct tours, world-wide. so there is a possible good connection. I will wait for research and response from Kranti, as he knows the true Indian Mind.

Sudhir Agarwal, an associate consultant of Infosys, and he claims to be able to do 5 didit x 5 digit, within 10 seconds, via “The Art of Approximation”. Kranti Kiran was very impressed, mainly because he can do it not from the usual right to the left, but from the left to the right!

Meeting Sudhir Agarwal has ignited that desire for me to form my International Temple of Mathematics, and have guest genius lecturers like Kranti Kiran and Sudhir Agarwal teaching their great knowledge. This also means I need to travel to Nepal and meet another great mathematician by the name of Jayanta Acharya, and obviously many more. Something is brewing, and I pray that I am financially supported to get the right spiritual team together to begin our programs of awakening consciousness by promoting this Star Language of Number Theory, and demonstrating how it can be applied practically in people’s lives worldwide.





Met with Guarav Tekriwal who sponsors or funds his own efforts to promote Vedic Mathematics like myself, as extra-curricular material. He does not run a school, but more advertising after-school or weekend tutorials.
A new newsletter has been launched, called "Vedika, the Newsletter of the Vedic Maths Forum". It is bi-monthly and the first issue, for June 2005, describes amongst other things a recent 6-day course (14th-19th May) that was a huge success. The newsletter, which is in pdf format and is very well done, also includes puzzles, math jokes and comments of participants who attended the course. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter send an email to Gaurav Tekriwal at 
gtekriwal@gmail.comwith subject line: "Vedika Subscription".
Vedika-The Newsletter will be sent to you through email.
He set me up in an apartment to myself. I decided to do a tour of the city for relaxation before I became busy teaching thousands of children.
Gaurav had taught at Birla High School, so he had organised this school as our first place of teaching.


Thursday, 15th DECEMBER, 2005



Guarav Tekriwal had quickly organized this school for me to teach at, as he had taught there before and knew the staff well.

Both classes were strictly 1hour and 15 minutes

The first class was with the JUNIOR STUDENTS:

There were 450 of them in the best auditorium I have seen yet, very impressed by the wealthy status of this school.

I greeted them first with this statement:

“NAMASKAR BIRLA HIGH K VIDYA-TI LOG” which equates to "greetings learned students". They liked that, plus when I said the first line of the Gayatri mantra, I got their applause!

I taught them Vedic Mathematics, and the Finger Computation which they loved so much, as 3 hours later when I was leaving the school, I met the students, aged from 9 to 12, and they all joined their fingers as if it was impressive and funny, joining digits like 9x8 or 7x7 etc, and it made me and Guarav laugh in appreciation that they loved this lesson so much, that this finger-joining was a membership to the Jain Cult of Mathematics.

Time ran out quickly, so I had 5 minutes to show them the Vedic Square.

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics
Above: Students of Birla High                        Above: The Principal and Gaurav Tekriwal


Again, there was another class of 450 students, aged from 12 to 16 and they were easier to teach as they understood everything I said.

Taught them Vedic Mathematics, with Gaurav’s assistance. An interesting or subtle incident happened, was that the main powerpoint graphic of Bharati Krsna Tirthaji, had disappeared, Gaurav must have deleted it by accident in the last class with the Juniors, but this meant I had to spend 10 minutes working things out, shutting down and restarting so this gave Gaurav 10 minutes to teach some sutras.

I then taught the Phi Spiral, against Guarav’s wishes, and glad that I did, as they loved it. I have to learn to do what I know I am guided to teach, as Gaurav had no understanding of my subject matter.

The last image was the famous 2 spirals composed by Dan Winter, fractally growing expanding and diminishing, forming the infinite Heart shape...it was a powerful ending that they related to.


Thursday, 15th DECEMBER, 2005


Several days ago I met one of Guarav’s best friends, AvaDoop who came to visit me. He has a lot of knowledge on the brain waves, that Dr Silva teaches, and wanted to know more about the 10.5 Hertz or frequency that is conducive for clairvoyancy. I said I will research it in my files or “THE HARMONIC STAIRWAY” aka “JAIN’S DICTIONARY OF NUMBERS.

4pm, after the Birla High experience, there was a group of 20 students from AvaDhut’s established class, and I taught for 1 and half hours. I covered most of the 4 standard topics that I teach, led up to the Gayatra Mantra encoded with 24 and 108, then we finished this powerpoint presentation to meditate to Sacred Earth’s version of the Gayatri Mantra that goes for 10 minutes. It creates such a beautiful state after lots of knowledge, to just sit and soak in this Stillness and Ancient Knowledge. I think we all entered this 10.5 Hz Brainwave state of Equipoise.

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics


Friday, 17th DECEMBER, 2005


This was a small group of professional people, who have dedicated time to assist their children’s betterment nationally.

The Head of this group is Ravi Todi of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and I met female Dr Sarika Kedia, Certified Liver Transplantation Physican who has studied in prestigious places in USA and UK. We became good friends after this lecture.

I talked for 45 mins on Vedic Maths then 45 mins on Fibonacci and Phi Code.

Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics


I met Dr Sarika the next day and we met her mother who appreciated a short healing session I performed. I suggested that I create for her mother Sushila a special yantra or vibrational disc that will assist in healing a lazy eye. My interest with Dr Sarika is that we both respond to the power of intent and loving thoughts in the healing process. She totally understood the inherent power in magic squares and mathematics and how they can apply to the realm of healing. (Dr Sarika is currently reading Louise Hay's classic book on "Love Your Body").

The next morning I composed a very special Magic Square of 6x6 Yantra that encoded her mother’s name, date of birth and the words: “Healthy Eyes”. Next day, it was consecatred and hung up in a place where it will be viewed to constantly remind Sushila of the power she has to create the ideal state of health she truly desires.


Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics
Dr Kedia, front row on right hand side.            Gaurav Tekriwal organised this event at Young Indians.


Saturday, 18th DECEMBER, 2005


Guarav, at the request of Dr Sarika who helps a lot of abandoned children now living in an ashram, took me to such a place. The group have bought this property which has a large playing ground for all the children from the ages of 2 to 24. Some students get to travel overseas or are assisted until they can earn their own wage or buy their own home.

They have no brouchure nor any advertising, its all word-of-mouth; there is a French sponsor who is now setting up another ashram for underprivileged children in Vietnam.

Guarav gave me this: www.globalhumanitarian.com

Name of organization is BSSK  supervised by Chandan Das.

Jain 108 MatheMagics             Jain 108 MatheMagics



There was one strange or interesting event that happened in KALIGHAT TEMPLE, apparently the oldest Kali temple in this Kolkata city of 15 million people.

I was overwhelmed by the swarms of devoted people queued and bustling around, bit like at a popular cricket match when the maddened crowd roars when a goal or wicket or scored. Everyone was trying to get a glimpse of this infamous Kali Deity sculpture (which I managed to glimpse thanks to the help of an old ‘salesman’ Brahmin). There was a strong guard, like the western body-guard, by the holy sculpture literally using all his power to keep pushing the hundreds of people to keep them moving on. Some of the younger devotees were even fighting this guard just to manage another 1 second glimpse of Kali, and at one point I thought there was going to be a punch-up, a brawl, but the guard overwhelmed the disobedient boys and thrust them out of the way. It was like a rule that stated you can glimpse Kali, but you have to keep literally moving along, no stopping, you can put you hands together for a brief second, or offer your flowers, but ya gotta keep moving on to give everyone a chance. But the devotees love Kali so much, they have probably traveled a thousand miles to see her, and waited ten years for this moment, and you were only allowed a glimpse, so they wanted to stop for at least 5 illegal seconds, and say a loud prayer, or mumble under their lips, but it could not happen, all I heard was frustrated half-uttered prayers. But the energy was high and exciting. I did not dare enter the fanfare.
Jain 108 MatheMagics

The old man had cleverly selected me 10 minutes ago and said that if I follow him he will manage me the 1 second view, if I waited. So we huddled with ten other smart people who also knew this secret hide-out, and we could view the tension starting to mount. Bustling, bustling crowds, then the old man said, just watch, in one minute, the crowd will part for just a brief moment, and you will see Kali. This happened, and Kali winked at me, it was all I got, but a blessing in some way. As soon as I glimpsed her, another crowd had filled the vacuum and the fighting was on.

Then this old Brahmin, who spoke fluent English, took me away, and when we passed this area, bit like a child’s sand-pit, but made of stone slabs and very stained with blood, he explained: This is where we offer goats here, as a sacrifice. Then he elaborated, specifically saying: “We only sacrifice the black goat because this is the devil”. I don’t know whether I chuckled or was a bit shocked about this superstitious statement, so I replied with an intelligent answer:

“I just visited the Swami Vivekananda Shrine, on this City Tour of Kolkata, and the guide, the same one who is with us now, explained to us when we viewed a similar bloodied pit of sacrifice, he said: Swami Vivekananda, famous disciple of RamaKrishna, changed history when he stated that the violence of killing animals is not necessary to demonstrate our love for god”. The Brahmin could not answer that, and then I realized he just wanted a donation, like 3,000Rp and then I saw through him, he was not a real Brahmin, real Brahmin’s do this work of educating people as part of their duty or service, not charging money, he was no different than all the other so called Business-Men Brahmin Priests I have met. So I gave him 50Rp and he was not very happy. I was disappointed I guess because he shattered my ego, I thought he tuned into me and saw that I was different to other tourists and that he took a spiritual liking to me, but no, I was a dollar target, the minute I walked in. So much for my ego, but at least I learnt a lot, especially that the Indians too have the same strange notion that goats are the devil. To me, a Pagan, the Goat is a Holy Goat, it is the adorable Nature God Pan, demonized by Christians, so to hear this from an Eastern culture was definitely a shock. Thus I must do more research to get to the roots of how long ago did the Indian race believe this notion of goat=devil? Is it a tainting from the invading missionary Christians who instilled this lie into them, I would rather believe or surmise that this is the case.

RANGOLI PATTERNS: Ancient Designs in a Modern World. 
 Jain 108 MatheMagics              Jain 108 MatheMagics
The picture above left, is a typical Rangoli pattern seen at the entrances of doors to bless the day and the inhabitants. Notice that this design, which is the star of david with a spiral inside of it, makes more sense when it is viewed as the shadow of a 3-Dimensional construct which is the the Star Tetrahedron with the Phi Spiral inside, which generates the Alphabet or Language of Light! Thus I came to understand that these commonly used Rangoli patterns stem from an ancestral or ancient memory of a Higher Dimensional Language used by their forebears. This is one of the beauties of India, this richness of knowledge hidden in the street or like a sacred magic square yantra tucked away in the niche of a shop.