Stellated Dodecahedron

Stellated Dodecahedron Stellated Dodecahedron Stellated Dodecahedron Stellated Dodecahedron Stellated Dodecahedron
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Platonic and Archimedean

Sacred Geometry Jewelry and Structures

Evoking the archetypical intelligence of creation!

To enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health!

Empowering you to find within, the Language of Light!

Bringing harmony and divine power
into your Sacred Space!

also known as:

Solar Star Pendant (Joy Star)

Sterling Silver $150AUD

24 carat gold plate $150AUD  

The Solar Star or 'Joy Star' is a stellated pentagonal dodecahedron forming a three dimensional pentagram. It holds the frequency of Joy, Venus (Love) and Immortality and helps to heal grief and shame.

‘Activating the Tree of Life’

The Heart of this Star is the Solar Sphere also known as the dodecahedron, which is comprised of pentagonal faces, (5 sides). This geometric form is the shape/code of the human DNA. And it is found in all living, self rejuvenating systems.

 The Solar Star is the Stargate to the ‘Sacred Breath’, forming a lattice work of never-ending, never beginning pentagrams. Resolving, through its configuration of endlessness, all inner sense of separation, returning us to JOY.

Functioning in a similar way to Celtic knot work, it expresses the creed of immortality and is an intensely rejuvenating star.

It reconnects a circuit into the lungs, assisting the assimilation of the full spectrum of Prana, the ‘Sacred Breath’ and brings power into the Solar Plexus. With this circuit reconnected, we are taking Prana into the arena that has hitherto been dominated by the death hormone and its degenerative bio-informational signals. As we introduce alchemically the library of consciousness data contained within the Solar Star, we trigger the resonance within this fractal that corresponds with a memory…, the memory of eternal, sentient, sovereign existence and consolidates that memory into the physical matrix.

The Solar Star activates that part of the Light-Body that is the ‘Tree of Life’.

Size: 1.5cm 
(Stellating: to add corners; or extend edges, thusly creating a star.)