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Atomic Art / Magic Squares

Jain 108 MatheMagics

Magic Squares are ancient boxes of numbers whose sums of rows, columns and diagonals all add up to the same sum. This matrix represents Perfect Equality in all directions or dimensions.

Elegant or aesthetically pleasing patterns can be created when a long, continuous line is joined in arithmetical order from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc. to the last number. This is how Mathematics is transformed into Art.

Lines connecting consecutive or sequential numbers is the backdoor into the world of Atomic Art or Nuclear Geometry. Atomic structures are scientifically verified as order is created out of chaos.

 By translating the numbers in mystical squares, the Ancients discovered internal symmetry and harmonies that lay hidden within the chaos...


The ancient Magic Square of 3 x 3 (also known as the ‘Lo-Shu’ in ancient China, C17th BC) is the centre of the Tibetan Calendar/Cosmology. It is a timeless mathematical harmonic whose sums of the columns, rows and diagonals all add up to and vibrate to 15. Symbolically this Magic Square creates Order amidst Chaos, and Equality in All Dimensions.
I believe also that this is the oldest mathematics on the planet that is visible or tangible, in contrast to the Vedic Stream of Knowledge that states all the Vedas were written on the rays of the Sun, but the knowledge is not actually written down visibly, thus the Chinese Magic Square is the source and the oldest record that we have.


Jain has authored 4 books on this subject which translates Numbers into Art, by merely connecting the first number (1) to the last number (9). This is the Path of Least Resistance. Exquisite Atomic Art patterns are created that are inherently encoded with much Ancient Knowledge.



When you "Translate Numbers into Art" elegant and phi-ratioed patterns appear. Hidden atomic structures are revealed which are often symbolic of life’s journey.



By drawing a long connecting line from 1 to 2 to 3 etc to the last number, then tiled or tessellated, you will produce the atomic structure of Diamond (which is verified by the clairvoyant drawings of the Occult Chemists: Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant.



Jain will show you how to create complex and intricate atomic art from numbers in a magic square.



"Since the early 90's I have been reading your book (s) and learning through my own research into sacred geometry, squares and the like.  Your books have really opened my mindÂ... for this I am eternally thankful."  .
Trance, Melbourne, Australia.

The Joining-Of-The-Dots, as shown in Jain's books, to make patterns or Yantra (Sanskrit for Power Designs or Sacred Art) integrates the Left Brain realm of Mathematics, logic, male, linear... with the female Right Brain domain of colour, creativity and intuition. This can produce whole-brain accelerated learning and clear Remembrance of who we really are. 

Like Snowflakes, millions of Magic Squares can be created.

Many sacred symbols emerge when the original Magic Square Pattern or Yantram (singular of Yantra which is the plural) is rotated upon itself. Like snowflakes, millions of Magic Squares can be created. There are 8 permutations of the primal 3x3 Magic Square known also as The Lo-Shu from China 4,000 years ago. There are 880 permutations of the 4x4 Magic Square, but as we get to the 5x5s and 6x6s there are millions! Mathematics is a Universal Language. That means that it will always exist, without decay or corruption. 

Numerologically, these Magic Sums of 15, 34, 65, 175 and 260 etc equate with the many names of the Gods and Goddesses in Qaballahistic lore.

6  1  8
5  3
2  9  4

Many people know of the Magic Square of 3x3 as an ancient playing-card puzzle, the task being to arrange all 9 cards into a 3x3 square in such a way that the sums of the 3 columns, 3 rows and 2 diagonals all equal 15. This fascinating production explores the Magic of the Magic Square of 3x3 and truly downloads all there is to know in a true Keanu Reeves/Matrix-like style... just by sitting in the comfort of your chair.

If you never understood the true meaning and depth of Pythagoras' work 2,500 years ago, this mathematically-based ceremony will not only educate, but leave you enchanted.



1 or 2-day workshops AUD$150 per day


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Dvd on Magic Squares:



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(As part of a 5 part Series on JAIN MATHEMAGICS:

The Living Mathematics of Nature)

There are 53 SUB-TITLES

The Vedic Square

Learn how to transform the Numbers of the common Multiplication Table into exquisite Atomic art formations. This chapter includes footage of the first photograph of the atom, recorded in the 1950s by Professor Erwin Mueller, namely the atomic structure of Platinum Crystal.
 Shadow of a Crystal
Language of Shape

Complementary Pairs
Many people recognize that Base 12 is a Galactic Base, as in 12 x12 inches in 144 inches to the square foot, and 144 relates to the frequency of Light Harmonic etc. But this chapter reveals that Base 9 is of equal importance. (Base 10, as demonstrated by the efficient use of mental number calculation, using Vedic Sutras that apply to being above or below Base 10, Base 100, Base 1,000 etc relates to Earth Mathematics, but Base 9 and 12 are definitely Galactic Mathematics).

Atomic Structure of Platinum Crystal
This chapter includes rare footage of the first photograph of the atom, recorded in the 1950s by Professor Erwin Mueller, namely the atomic structure of Platinum Crystal.

Universal Memory Bank
Fixed Design
The World of Magic Squares
Ultimate Mathematical Harmonic
Original Manuscript
Ancient Puzzle
The Key to Atomic Structure
3-Dimensional Versions
Sanskrit Magic Squares

Rearranging The Numbers
There are 8 possible Permutations of the Magic Square of 3x3 or Lo-Shu.

Templar Magic Square
Aka SATOR square composed of letters rather than numbers.

Crop Circles

Web of Consciousness
Part of Jain’s work is the Embodiment of Sacred Geometry. This is the gathering of people into a sacred ceremony where mathematics is taught by theatre. This is known as THE THEATRE OF THE HOLY NUMBERS. This is based on 9 selected people who become the human embodiment of the Lo-Shu. Viewed from above, it is referred to as a Humandala.

DNA Templates
Tortoise Shell
Feng Shui

Creating Images From Numbers

These images are taken from Jain’s book: JOIN-THE-DOTS

How to Construct Magic Squares
Martial Arts Movements
Superimposing Magic Squares
Nuclear Geometry
Extending The Matrix

Occult Chemistry
This is a tribute to the Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant, whose amazing micro-psi diagrams drawn 100 years ago, confirm and validate Jain’s 17th Sutra: In The Next Dimension, which is about the translation of Number into Atomic Art.

Diamond Lattice
The Magic Square of 3x3, when tiled or tessellated forms the exquisite atomic art formation of the diamond. Jain’s pattern is identical to Leadbeater’s diagram. The theme here is the bridging of Physics with Metaphysics.

The Anu
The smallest and indivisible unit of creation, similar to a quark. Leadbeater drew this "anu” which appears as a heart-shaped energetic field.

The same Magic Square of 3x3 is analyzed row by row 2 create the elongated star-tetrahedral atomic structure of Berylium crystal. Another classic example of Jain’s 17th Sutra, referred to here as the Star of Solomon.

Star Language
We look at the relationship of the Natural Square of 3x3 to the Magic Square of 3x3

3-D Yantra

A brief discussion on the nesting of the 5 Platonic Solids Symmetry as taught by Charles Leadbeater. The atomic structure of Oxygen is the Icosahedron within the Tetrahedron.

The atomic structure of Silicon Chip is the two inter-digitating or inter-penetrating tetrahedrons known as the Star Tetrahedron. Shape is Memory. This explains how a computer’s immense data is stored efficiently.

Star of Solomon
Valuable Tool
The Code of The Universe
"DNA and I-Ching” by Katya Walters. Relates how the magic sum of the Lo-Shu, which is 15, is encoded in the 64 swatches of DNA.

DNA Memory
Rosalind Franklin was the true discoverer of the DNA molecule, not Watson and Crick. She offered to the world the first x-ray diffraction images of the DNA molecule which then inspired Watson and Crick to develop her work.
According to the work of Katya Walters, the DNA Base Pairs of 55 atoms relate to the 55 ying/yang numbers or dots of the Ho-Tu. The Lo-Shu or Magic Square of 3x3 writes the script for DNA and the Ho-Tu copies it, acting like the RNA messenger.

Magic Square Constant
The sum of the diagonals of the Natural Square determines the sum of the Magic Square’s Constant.
Eg: the Magic Square of 4x4 has a Constant or Magic Sum of 34. This is determined by examining the sum of the diagonals of the Natural Square of 4x4.

The Ultimate Magic Square
Jain’s emblem is The Magic Square of Zero, utilizing or employing the numbers from –4 (negative or minus 4) to +4 (positive).

Number Theory
A study of the Triangular Numbers leads to a sophisticated chart of all the other Polygonal numbers like the squared numbers, pentagonal numbers etc, and reveals a mysterious diagonal line of numbers that is the sequence of the Magic Square Constants: 15, 34, 65, 111, 175, 260, 369 etc...

Natural Formula

A look at the Magic Square Constants in Higher Dimensions. Eg: The Magic Cube of 3x3x3 has a Constant of 42, but as we climb the Dimensional Ladder, the 4th Dimensional Magic Square of 3x3x3x3 has a Constant of 123.

Magic Square 4 by 4
A great way of x-raying any Magic Square to determine if it has any internal synchronicities is to look at the sum of the first number (1) + its last number (‘n’ squared). This is referred to as its Balance Of the Pairs. Eg: the Magic Square of 4x4 has its Balance of the Pairs being 1 + 16 = 17, which is half of the Constant 34. When you join up all the pairs of numbers that have a sum of 17, exquisite relationships appear. This can be done to all the 880 permutations of the Magic Square of 4x4, and when studied, reveals sets or families of Magic Squares of 4x4 that are related by Pattern.

Fallen Angel
Albrecht Durer’s "Melancholia” was lithographed in the year 1514 and the numbers "15 14” appear at the base line of the Magic Square of 4x4, thus it is now referred to as Durer’s Magic Square of 4x4.

Secret Code Names
Magic Square’s Constants are really secret code names of Lord disguised numerically and numerologically. Eg: the holy name of "Adonai”, used in the chant: "Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Sebayot” (holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts)  has a value of 34, when every letter is attributed to a number. This Alpha-Numeric system is lacking in the English language. The Hebrew, Greek and Sanskrit languages are enriched by having this system of a="1," b="2," c="3" etc creating ‘whole-brain learning. In a sense, the western world is ‘lobotomized’ by not having this important connection.

Magic Square Craze
Every now and then, a craze hits a country or continent, and so was the case in the 1920s when the Magic Square Puzzle known as the Boss Square (like Skidoo) appeared in Europe, and this wooden Magic Square of 4x4 could not be manufactured fast enough to meet the demand. Jain predicts or anticipates a similar craze but more in terms of higher consciousness or understanding the fascination, as the globe is inundated with incredible crop-circle formations, it is inevitable.

Higher Order

Exquisite psycho-active patterns are formed when the magic squares are super-imposed upon themselves, 2x, 4x, 8x.

Hidden relationships are revealed when the student isolates or connects all the odd numbers of a magic square and compares it to the connection of all the even numbers. So by exploring the Odds and Evens of a magic square is yet another way of revealing hidden patterns.

The Diabolical Donut
A visual understanding of how the flat 2-Dimensional Magic Square, like a piece of square paper, can be rolled up into a cylinder which is considered 3-Dimensional, but when the two open ends are joined, voila, a 4th Dimensional Sphere is created and known as a Torus or Tube Torus Doughnut.

Magic Cube
The bible of magic squares is called: MAGIC SQUARES AND CUBES by W.S. Andrews, published by Dover in 1917. In this book was revealed a rare 27 x 27 Magic Square with astonishing properties.

This 27 x 27 Magic Square Calendar has, as its central cell, the number 365 which is the number of days in a solar year. It has 364 dark cells which represent the number of nights, and 365 white cells which represent the number of days. The Magic Sum of the inner and central 3x3 square is 1,095 being the number of days in a 3 year period. The Magic Sum of the 9x9 square is 3,285 being the number of days in a 9 year period. The Magic Sum of the whole 27x27 square is 9,855 being the number of days in a 27 year period.

Magic Squares Material

THE BOOK OF MAGIC SQUARES, vol 1 has a magenta cover.

THE BOOK OF MAGIC SQUARES, vol 2 has a light blue cover.

THE BOOK OF MAGIC SQUARES, vol 3 has a purple cover.

JOIN THE DOTS, has a violet cover.

Small DECAL: Magic Square of 4x4 has a magenta background.

(Not mentioned in this video or dvd is a Large Decal of the same design, but has a yellow background).

Small DECAL: Magic Square of 8x8 has a blue background.

THE GOSPEL OF THE HOLY TWELVE has a yellow background.

Magic Squares Theatre

Part of Jain’s work is the Embodiment of Sacred Geometry. This is the gathering of people into a sacred ceremony where Sacred Mathematics is taught via the medium of Theatre. This is known as THE THEATRE OF THE HOLY NUMBERS. This is based on 9 selected people who become the human embodiment of the Lo-Shu. It is rich in symbolism and expresses the axiom: "As Above, So Below” by concluding this ritual with a magic square pattern weaved above the 9 Human columns being identical to the pattern or grid upon which they stand. It is a traveling show with many robes and costumes for High Priests and Angels etc...

Magic Squares Summary

In contrast to the above 2 hour production of the Theatre of the Holy Numbers, Jain does a 5 min skit or summary of a typical 2 hour lecture on Magic Squares. He wears an Indian crown, wears a calendar-like flip chart on his chest which is rich with the significant images discussed. As each page is turned on his heart, a 4-lined rhyming stanza is uttered. It is fun, comical, deeply profound and moving, as Jain takes you back in time to a place or a space where Mathematics was taught with love and reverence. It is in moments like this, when students of this MatheMagics have tears in their eyes. Suddenly, the world of numbers is adored, venerated and appreciated as a Star Language.

This 5 minute segment shows the many faces of Jain, one time he is wearing a priest-like suit, another time like this he is robed like a Mathematical Monk, or is he just a Numerical Nomad?

Join Jain by attending his Seminars to assist in the creation of this ancient though contemporary Temple of Mathematics.

(Scholars claim that when the Library of Alexandria burned down, the world lost over 350,000 texts! Jain’s work is clearly part of the restoration of this Akashic Record).

Your purchase of this dvd or video or any of his books or decals contributes to implementing the new and exciting curriculum in Galactic Mathematics for the Global School. Jain has taken on a huge task of re-writing an antiquated mathematical curriculum. His new school or Non Profit Organization is known as JAIN F.R.E.E.D.O.M.S. which is an acronym for:

For Research Expressing Essential Data Of Magic Squares.

It is a vessel to receive funding from all interested parties who recognize the need for change. In the paraphrased words of one of Jain’s mentors: Buckminster Fuller who said:

"Don’t fight the System, Create the New Model”.


(Jain: 7-7-2005

Mullumbimby Creek).




3 - MAGIC SQUARES IN THE Srimad Bhagavatam



References to Magic Squares appeared in the Srimad Bhagavatam

as  1 of 64  important arts or subjects that Lord Krishna had to study.

Canto 10, Chapter 45, Verses 35-36


(51) yantra-mätåkä, composing magic squares, arrangements of numbers adding up to the same total in all directions;

 They also learned the art of composing mätåkä. A mätåkä is like a crossword box, with three numbers in each row. If one adds any three from any side, it will come to nine. The mätåkäs are of different kinds and for different purposes.


O King, those best of persons, Kåñëa and Balaräma, being Themselves the original promulgators of all varieties of knowledge, could immediately assimilate each and every subject after hearing it explained just once. Thus with fixed concentration They learned the sixty-four arts and skills in as many days and nights. Thereafter, O King, They satisfied Their spiritual master by offering him guru-dakñiëä.


The following list comprises the sixty-four subjects mastered by Lord Kåñëa and Lord Balaräma in sixty-four days. Additional information may be found in Çréla Prabhupäda’s Kåñëa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Lords learned (1) gétam, singing; (2) vädyam, playing on musical instruments; (3) nåtyam, dancing; (4) näöyam, drama; (5) älekhyam, painting; (6) viçeñaka-cchedyam, painting the face and body with colored unguents and cosmetics; (7) taëòula-kusuma-balivikäräù, preparing auspicious designs on the floor with rice and flowers; (8) puñpästaraëam, making a bed of flowers; (9) daçana-vasanäìga-rägäù, coloring one’s teeth, clothes and limbs; (10) maëi-bhümikä-karma, inlaying a floor with jewels; (11) çayyä-racanam, covering a bed; (12) udaka-vädyam, ringing waterpots; (13) udaka-ghätaù, splashing with water; (14) citra-yogäù, mixing colors; (15) mälya-grathana-vikalpäù, preparing wreaths; (16) çekharäpéòa-yojanam, setting a helmet on the head; (17) nepathya-yogäù, putting on apparel in a dressing room; (18) karëa-patra-bhaìgäù, decorating the earlobe; (19) sugandha-yuktiù, applying aromatics; (20) bhüñaëa-yojanam, decorating with jewelry; (21) aindrajälam, jugglery; (22) kaucumära-yogaù, the art of disguise; (23) hasta-läghavam, sleight of hand; (24) citra-çäkäpüpa-bhakñya-vikära-kriyaù, preparing varieties of salad, bread, cake and other delicious food; (25) pänaka-rasarägäsava- yojanam, preparing palatable drinks and tinging draughts with red color; (26) sücé-väya-karma, needlework and weaving; (27) sütra-kréòä, making puppets dance by manipulating thin threads; (28) véëä-òamarukavädyäni, playing on a lute and a small Xshaped drum; (29) prahelikä, making and solving riddles; (29a) pratimälä, capping verses, or reciting poems verse for verse as a trial of memory or skill; (30) durvacaka-yogäù, uttering statements difficult for others to answer; (31) pustaka-väcanam, reciting books; and (32) näöikäkhyäyikä-darçanam, enacting short plays and writing anecdotes. Kåñëa and Balaräma also learned (33) kävya-samasyä-püraëam, solving enigmatic verses; (34) paööikä-vetra-bäëa-vikalpäù, making a bow from a strip of cloth and a stick; (35) tarku-karma, spinning with a spindle; (36) takñaëam, carpentry; (37) västu-vidyä, architecture; (38) raupya-ratna-parékñä, testing silver and jewels; (39) dhätu-vädaù, metallurgy; (40) maëi-raga-jïänam, tinging jewels with various colors; (41) äkara-jïänam, mineralogy; (42) våkñäyur-veda-yogäù, herbal medicine; (43) meña-kukkuöa-lävakayuddha- vidhiù, the art of training and engaging rams, cocks and quails in fighting; (44) çuka-çärikä-praläpanam, knowledge of how to train male and female parrots to speak and to answer the questions of human beings; (45) utsädanam, healing a person with ointments; (46) keça-märjana-kauçalam,  hairdressing; (47) akñara-muñöikä-kathanam, telling what is written in a book without seeing it, and telling what is hidden in another’s fist; (48) mlecchita-kutarka-vikalpäù, fabricating barbarous or foreign sophistry; (49) deçabhäñä- jïänam, knowledge of provincial dialects; (50) puñpa-çakaöikä-nirmiti-jïänam, knowledge of how to build toy carts with flowers;

(51) yantra-mätåkä, composing magic squares, arrangements of numbers adding up to the same total in all directions; (52) dhäraëa-mätåkä, the use of amulets; (53) saàväcyam, conversation; (54) mänasé-kävyakriyä, composing verses mentally; (55) kriyä-vikalpäù, designing a literary work or a medical remedy; (56) chalitaka-yogäù, building shrines; (57) abhidhäna-koña-cchandojïänam, lexicography and the knowledge of poetic meters; (58) vastra-gopanam, disguising one kind of cloth to look like another; (59) dyüta-viçeñam, knowledge of various forms of ambling; (so) äkarña-kréòa, playing dice; (61) bälaka-kréòanakam, playing with children’s toys; (62) vainäyiké vidyä, enforcing discipline by mystic power; (63) vaijayiké vidyä, gaining victory; and (64) vaitäliké vidyä, awakening one’s master with music at dawn.




Prabhupada’s comments in Krsna book relating the magic squares and predictions:

Kåñëa and Balaräma then learned the art of foretelling events by seeing signs. In a book called Khanara-vacana, the various types of signs and omens are described. If when one is going out one sees someone with a bucket full of water, that is a very good sign. But if one sees someone with an empty bucket, it is not a good sign. Similarly, if one sees a cow being milked alongside its calf, it is a good sign. The result of understanding these signs is that one can foretell events, and Kåñëa and Balaräma learned the science.

They also learned the art of composing mätåkä. A mätåkä is like a crossword box, with three numbers in each row. If one adds any three from any side, it will come to nine. The mätåkäs are of different kinds and for different purposes.




4 -Lo-Shu As A REMEDY for Space Clearing



EXTRA INFORMATION on the LO-SHU   Jain, can you elaborate more on: The Practical Benefits of the Lo-Shu Pattern + How the Lo-Shu relates to Healing and Space Clearing   The Lo-Shu emits a certain frequency or Hertz, or cycles per second and this can be used to remind the cells of the body of its original Template for Health. Consider how Vibrational Medicine or Healing is based upon the fact that every organ of the human body emits a certain vibration which is now measurable, thanks to modern day technology. Let us say that if measured a thousand healthy people's liver, we could conclude that a healthy liver vibrates at say 175 Hz. Now if someone is ill, and we measured their weakened organ to resonate at say 145 Hz, we could rectify that illness by placing a Magic Square of 3x3 or 7 x7 (whose Magic Sum or Constant) has a sum of 175, and place this disc over the dysfunctional liver, to basically remind the organ to wake up, and to match its original blueprint of health which is 175. The cells of the body are intelligent and all memory is stored in these liver cells. Many successful healings have occured by attributing specific Magic Square Yantra to certain parts of the body. It was traditionally a Brahmin's path to cure the sick using Yantra, like the above Magic Square. He needed to be a special state of consciousness, like fasting, celibate, drawing the Magic Square Yantra on an auspicious date like the full moon or eclipse, writing the pattern using special psycho-active plant juices like datura etc. This meant that the Yantram was highly potentised and this energy would transmit to the receiver in need of healing. Some people consider this form Vibrational Healing to be part of the lost science of Atlantis, but more and more, scientists and metaphysicians are understanding now that Everything is Vibration. Your name is a number, your telephone number, your house number, your bank details, in fact, every part of our life is connected to Numbers or Vibration.   By studying Magic Squares we are in effect tuning into this world of Cause and Effect, that we can create conscious change, by focussing our thoughts clearly on what we choose to manifest. So when a child is constructing a Magic Square Yantram, they are also thinking of what wish they would want to manifest. Let us say a child is drawing a Lo-Shu Yantram, with the pure intent of manifesting a large field with several horses that they will own and ride for pleasure. They wish for this with earnest, whilst drawing their mandala. A year may pass, then one day, that child actually has acquired the grassy paddock with several horses, then it will occur to them that the year before they had done this exercise at school where they programmed their Mandala for the manifestion of a horse and paddock. They make this valuable connection to "The Thought" and the actual "Manifestation". This is what Saint Germain called "Precipitation", the bringing down of an Ethereal or Spiritual Thought, right down in the physcial world of Creation. I also believe that when a child is drawing Magic Square Patterns, they are also accessing all the Ancient Knowledge attached to this subject from thousands and thousands of years of History.   Thus the practical use of having Magic Squares in your house, is to attract calm and peace and harmony in the Home and in your Soul. Where there is disorder, the Magic Square reMinds us of Divine Order, amidst the Chaos.   In fact, I see the whole of Society, or the World at Large, as a giant Magic Square. This means that we must pay repect or tribute or honour to say the baker, the bricklayer, the dancer, the teacher, the baby-sitter, infact, all people have different roles to play in this life, and we can not judge another person, even if we do not understand their role in life. If we were to take out of this society or magic square,just one person, say the plumber, your whole society or magic square will no longer be harmonic, it would not add up to the same number, it would collapse. So we need everyone to create this Unity amongst the Diversity. Even though the Magic Square appears to be a random box of numbers, when we analyse it or x-ray it or pull it apart, we discover this hidden or inherent patterning inside. This also is symbolic of our own lives, that we may not fully understand why we do what we do, or what our true purpose is in Life, but like the Magic Square, there is a secret pattern that runs through our Lives, there is an order or meaning to our existence.   The Magic Square is thus a doorway to Higher Knowledge and this in itself is a practical value of its use, that its Mathematical Coding teaches us a Higher Language.   The Feng Shui Masters use Magic Squares for "Remedys" which means by placing them in your balcony as a mosaic or wooden floor design or a disc on your wall  before the house entrance or exit of building, you are inviting Harmony to reside in this Space, in fact, like a Magician or Priestess, you are commanding that only Order can occupy this Sacred Space,  this Home or Business Office, and that any dysfunctional energy from the past must be cleared. Magic Square's practical use is for Space Clearing.    
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(T.Selva is the author of the 2003 best selling book: "Vasthu Sastra" sub-titled:
Indian Feng Shui. He is a disciple of the 7th Generation Vasthu Sastra Master Yuvaraj Sowma).

Question 1:  

Magic Squares are boxes of Numbers whose Columns, Rows and Diagonals have the same sum. In this example shown here:

6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4

The Magic Sum or Magic Square Constant = 15

There are only 8 possible variations or permutations of this Magic Square of 3x3. By rearranging certain columns and rows, 8 distinct magic squares can be formed and still maintaining the essential definition of having everything sum to 15. That is why the number 8 is holy to some cultures, as in Malaysia. When 8 is squared, it gives 64 and this equates with the 64 possible codons in our D.N.A.
Many ancient cultures likes the Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian, Persian etc were fascinated by these matices (plural of Matrix) for its special properties.

The Arabs and Moslems believed that the unpronounceable name of God or Allah could encoded into the Magic Square of 3x3, as it was forbidden by Moses that they were not permitted to draw the human body, as it was the Image of God, it was sacred, thus they were banned from expressing God iconically or artistically, so they did it mathematically, especially with their magic squares.
That is why the domed roofs of their mosque temples are so ornate and elaborate as the geometry is really magic square art forms!

An ancient Jewish school called the Qaballah, states that the Name of God is 4 lettered (TetraGrammaton) and the contracted version for the name of God adds up to 15.

The Tibetans, in the last 4 centuries, in the same style as Pythagoras who lived 2,500 years ago, believed that that every number has a Soul, and thus a Magic Square had divine properties and became a living community of Souls!

In Ajmer, near Pushkar city in Rajasthan, there is a whole city of business people who worship the ancient Magic Square of 3x3. By having Priests or Brahmins who consecrate the numbers, they have it framed ceremonially and placed at an alcove or altar area of their shop to invoke success for the days trading. They ritually and lovingly perform Puja by throwing rice and flowers upon the Magic
Square, and lighting incense etc to set the intention for wealth or health to flow to them.

The oldest known written record of the Magic Square of 3x3 is in China, known today as the Lo-Shu (sometimes pronounced as Lo-Su), and it dates back to 5,000 years ago. Legend has it that a Tortoise appeared on the banks of the River Lo, and it was noticed, by the Emperor Yu of that time that strange dot markings appeared distinctly on its carapace or back, in the form of the Magic Square of 3x3, having open and closed circles representing yin and yang.

Question 2:

You can create your Magic Square Yantra (or Power Diagram that conducts psychic essences) by drawing a long line from 1 to 2 to 3 etc to the last number 9, and form exquisite patterns, especially when you rotate that same pattern upon itself at desired angles. It just happens that some of this diagrams are identical to Atomic Structures, like of crystals of Diamond, Rutile, Beryllium, Platinum etc
This statement needs to be justified by further diagrams but if you accept this fact that Magic Squares or Mathematics is the backdoor into Higher Knowledge like the invisible world of Nuclear Geometry, then you can get an understanding of why the ancient people regard the humble magic square as a symbol of the Universe, as Order amidst the Chaos, as Unity amidst Diversity. For this
reason, people wanted to wear the Magic Square as special amulets made of silver or gold or tin etc which corresponded with further hidden knowledge that the magic square was more powerful if it was written on certain metals.

Some people can convert or translate their Name and Birthdate into the Magic Square which involves the attributing of numbers to letters of the Alphabet eg: let a=1, b=2, c=3 etc. This is known as an Alpha-Numeric System, which means both sides of the brain are working simultaneously, that is, creates whole brain synthesis. There are 3 ancient cultures existent today that still utilize this:
the Sanskrit, Hebrew and Greek. Our western English system lost this during the Roman Invasion, so in a sense we are lobotomized by not having this alpha-numeric correspondences. It meant that your very name was a number and this would relate richly and elegantly to other images of the sun or flowers and many other poetical equations.

You can wear your Magic Square Yantram (plural form is Yantra;) as a necklace, or around your waist or have it on your pillow etc. The best choice where to place it is Intuitive.
Old books from India described a lost Science of Vibrational Medicine or Healing. They knew that every organ of the human body has a specific vibration or cycles per second (called Hertz or HZ for short) which means that every organ really has a corresponding number.. The Brahmin Priest can therefore make a specific magic Square for a patient. Lets say that someone has a liver problem. Assuming we have measured that a 1,000 healthy people to have a liver that equates to 260 Hz. The
patient's liver is weak and vibrates at say 240 Hz. The Brahmin knows that placing a specially designed Magic Square of 8x8 that adds up to 260 , will be the cure, as it will affect the patient's liver to live, to wake up, to remember the original blueprint of wellness expressed numerically or vibrationally as 260.

Question 3:

The power of any Magic Square is not really the numbers that compose it, but rather the Power of the Pure Intent in the Practioner's Consciousness. A Magic Square and its derived pattern is only a Yantra. It can only ever an Instrument or Tool. The Brahmin can consecrate this Power Diagram with chants and other ritualistic embellishments, but ultimately, it is his or her focused Inner Consciousness that affects his-her external environment. This is the definition of Magic. The Within creates the Without. That is why Magic Squares re used for Space Clearing, a lost Art of Intent and Intuition. Thus the Magician works from within to project his Thoughts outwards, and his apprentice or Assistant is the actual Magic Square, just an awareness that it is the Power of Love, rather than
the Love of Power that precipitates or manifests real change.

Question 4:

Again, the Intuitive aspect is greater than all the books that discuss the science of exact placement. Feng Shui literally means : Wind Water, it is the aesthetic placement of things, how energy or chi loves to move like a snake or in curves. So walk around your house with absolute awareness that it is a living structure, it is a living magic Square, communicate with you house, remember that it is a reflection of your own Body Temple. The ancient word for Body was Abode, and Abode now has come to mean Home. This origin of words conjures a beautiful image that our human body is a Divine Temple. So where you choose to place your Yantra or Psycho-active diagrams is your personal feeling or Intuition, just listen to your Body. You may want to tile the entrance of your House and place a pattern of the Lo-Shu there, or at the exit, or have one built into the wall with bricks. Some children like to have them drawn directly onto their pillow case or cover, so they sleep with its harmonic energy and have good dreams. Others like to have a Magic Square Decal (created by Jain) stuck onto their window panes which allows the sun and moon and stars  to project the sacred geometry right into their room or onto their body.

Question 5:

Ultimately, a Vaastu Healer would Breath in the Magic Square Knowledge into their Auric Field, into the many onion-shell-like bio-rings in his-her field. Its about embedding this Ancient Knowledge into our Heart, and from this Centre, it can be transmitted outwards into the House. The House is only an external Projection of your Inner Landscape. People around you will notice this invisible energy as a distinct magnetic energy, and wherever you go, you are blessing your house. Just the act of collecting a special flower from your garden and
placing it intuitively in some part of your House, has great power.

Question 6:

Magic Squares are thus a vessel to capture your Thoughts. Its not the Magic Square that has the power, its really your Thought Power. Eg. I have taught thousands of children all over the world, the pleasure of drawing Magic Square Art or Yantra. I instruct the child that whilst they are actually drawing the lines from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc, they are making their wish of what it is they
want to manifest. Let us say that Mary wants more than anything, to have her own horse and forest where she can ride her horse. She constructs the yantra. 2 years later, her father sells house, and they buy another property in a rural area, where there is a forest, and there is the horse for her. She makes the important connection: "Oh, I remember when I attended that Jain Mathemagics
class, and I drew a picture programmed to manifest my Desire for the horse I have now and here it is. Oh, there must be some connection with my ability to hold concentrated Thought and Manifestation. I can create anything I want!"

Question 7:

The Swaztika, like many sacred symbols, is derived from Magic Squares. When we work with the Magic Square of the Sun, which is the 6x6, we are dealing with all the numbers from 1 to 36, all columns and rows and diagonals add up to 111, and therefore the sum of all numbers is 666. Now the pattern derived is the Swaztika, the famous Hindu symbol of Peace. It is only a cross that spins, representing balance of moving forces. We can thus make an equation that the Swaztika has a
vibration of 6 or the Sun (according to the Jewish Qaballah system of Thought). So the ancients knew, that if they wanted to go to the next galaxy or solar system, they had to go through the Eye of the Sun, to go multi-dimensional, or Time Travel. But what has happened, is that in only the last 60 years or so, the western world has deliberately corrupted this beautiful symbol and placed Fear upon it by equating it to Hitler and his regime of war. Hitler merely perverted the original
form of the swastika by turning it as a diamond shape, not as a square. The square form is Hindu Peace, the 45 degree turn is deliberate anti-Peace. Hitler always had 3 swaztikas which meant 666. This is a solar number, not necessary good or evil, but the essence is that a symbol will only mean whatever the mass consciousness want it to mean. We can turn this around if enough people become educated and focus their thoughts upon the swastika, it can become powerful again like Surya. Thus Thought is more powerful than ignorance.
Place the Holy Swaztika in the foundations of your home when first constructing a new dwelling, or place it a dead spot to activate that area. Be intuitve. The Power is in You, not just books.

Question 8:

The Brahmins of ancient India kept Knowledge to themselves and this gave them power. It appears now that we live in an age where all ancient knowledge must be shared. That is why all over the world many secrets are coming out, like from the Vatican, from the Mayans and Tibetans and Indians, its all being shared so the planet can evolve its consciousness on mass. The Tibetans say that this is not the time for individual enlightenment, rather, unless the whole planet ascends together, there will no be success as a collective. That is why the cultures are now merging, and a universal language is forming so all the parts can communicate. Just like the Magic Square. In fact society is just like the Magic Square. Without the plumber, or baker, or bricklayer, or child-care worker etc, society will fall apart. If just one number of the Magic Square is taken away, it is no longer
harmonic or equal. That is why we all need one another, to ascend together. This Ancient Knowledge thus is necessary today to teach Unity Consciousness, its about Remembering that really we are all One.

Question 9:

Numbers are living vibrations. Everything in our life is based on Numbers: the very way we communicate in this world, with telephone numbers, credit cards, street addresses, everything, we live in a sea of Numbers. When we understand this and bless these numbers, we attract to us favourable and positive conditions.

You can write whole books about the Number 9. As you know, the Magic Square of 3x3, which contains a whole universe of information encoded within it, is based on the numbers from 1 to 9.
9 represents completion of a cycle, as the next number 10, when digitally compressed, becomes 1 + 0 which = 1 and thus a new cycle begins.
9 is an Indestructible Number. If you multiply any number by 9 and add up its digits, it will reduce back to itself:
eg: 7 x 9 = 63 = 6 + 3 = 9.