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• What ancient wisdom and teachings or lineage do you draw from?

My quest since my early twenties was for the Truth of Mathematics, which took me to various countries and religious groups, from Arabic, to Asian, to Aboriginal to the Jains etc and focussed my research on ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics, aka Rapid Mental Calculation, the disciplines known by Buddha summarized as 16 sutras or threads of timeless mathematical knowledge. I authored the first dvd in the world on Vedic Maths in 2002 and wrote the first major article on VM in Nexus Magazine that was read by over a million people in 6 languages, thus popularizing this topic that is now sweeping the planet.


• How did your experiential learning and knowledge form? Your inspirations, a crisis or hard learned realisation and the weathering of putting your chosen discipline into practice. Where you merged, who you became. What you gave from this deep space of surrender. What your gift is.

My first real learning came when I "unschooled" and renunciated university, gave away everything I owned in Sydney, and lived in the Torres Straits on the islands near new Guinea for 2 years. Though there was a language barrier, I studied with medicine men who taught me the ways of the land, the properties of barks of trees and the healing powers of plants. I quickly learnt sacred geometry in this jungle, studying the geometric centres of many flowers, each one bore a different code, I watched how leaves fell and how the streams also moved in spirals. One day during a ceremony, although I was mainly vegetarian, I was given a piece of dugong/dolphin-like meat to share and eat with the tribes. At the end of this dawn ceremony, I asked the chief what part I had eaten, and he told me it was the embryo! (For the next 10 to 20 years after this, recorded in my visual diaries, was a prolific outpouring of drawings and paintings and writings with half human / half dolphin images (attached are 2 images of one such mural).


• Why it is important to you to work in a team, in a community, to give back, to be of service. What you share, what you gain in a circle of others practicing and working together. Your aspirations. Why have we come together at this time?


Most of my work has been done in isolation. After a major accident in my life in 1984, I lived alone for 4 years where I channelled a lot of the important material that I am working with now. For this reason, it is exciting for me to be part of a pod or like-minded group of people who all contain a bigger picture than themselves, whose motivation is aimed towards the advancement of our children's spiritual education.

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 Jain 108 MatheMagics

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My gift is to access this esoteric knowledge of Pythagoras, Buddha, Mahavira and all the other Masters, and translate it into a simpler and easy to understand Language of Shapes and Pattern Recognition. I get 5 year olds to create the 5 Platonic Solids and to construct the Golden Spiral: the Living Mathematics of Nature, in a unique program called Mathemagics for Starkidz (5 to 8 years old), Mathemagics for Juniors (9 to 12 years old) and Mathemagics for Teens. Parents are invited to participate with their Child's Learning. I realized over the years that the Parent(s) actually gets a lot of healing by sitting with their child, healing their own childhood mathematically inflicted-traumas where the stern teacher may have told them they were "not good enough" or "that they were dumb" etc. I sense this in the parents, as I often see a tear or two rolling down their cheek!

What does it cost per class or session.

For publicly held classes: $20 when a pre-booking has been made, but $25 per hour at the door.
For private tutoring: its $50 per hour, which allows 3 people in the class eg: 2 children and 1 parent.

Jain 108


by Mandy Nolan,
For The ECHO MAGAZINE, Byron Bay, Far North NSW
an independent publication.
taken from:

It’s all in the Pi

 Jain 108 MatheMagics

Now in its 17th year the Starlight Wellbeing Expo has become the regional hub of natural therapies and wisdom sharing. At the Bangalow A&I Hall this four-day event features talks, demonstrations and workshops with healers and practitioners from around the region.

Jain is an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics. This week he talks to Mandy Nolan talks about the true value of pi in the realm of fractal mathematics.


What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is remembering who we are, or our connection to source, as in the moments of our conception, when spirit came down into matter, the one zygote formed (23 chromosomes from each parent) then mitotically the one became two, and then the two halves splits again forming four cells.

VisualiZe how these four primal cells pack, like how a greengrocer stacks his or her fruit, three on the triangular base and one on top, forming a pyramid or, correctly, a tetrahedron, is the memory of who we once was, a shape. The four centres of these four spheres formed a tetrahedral shape.

When these four cells split again, they form eight original cells. Visualise eight ping-pong balls and observe how they form a cube, a square of four on the base and a square of four above, forming a star tetrahedron, two inter-penetrating tetrahedrons. This cubic shape is also the atomic structure of the silicon chip (or quartz) that stores memory in our computers, suggesting that the two apparently contradictory worlds of Biology and Technology are geometrically related.

As this doubling sequence of mitosis continues: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512 something else new forms at the 512 division. The stark and ever-increasing population of geometry and cells collapses into a blob and forms a doughnut shape called the torus (Latin for ring) having two holes: one is the mouth (taking things in, implosion) and the other is the anus (taking things out, explosion).

As this blob grows into an embryo then fetus; it obeys a very specific proportion called the Fibonacci Sequence, found in the geometry of crystals and flowers. Thus the lens through which I look out on into the world sees a grand underpinning of mathematics and pattern recognition in the infinite scale of large (universe) and small (atom).


Why have you dedicated your life to the study of such an esoteric science?

My passion has always been the symmetry seen in nature, like the counter-rotating fields seen in pine cones and sunflower florets, and when I see such exquisite order in the outer worlds, in reminds me that this is a mirror for the oftimes confusing episodes in our lives when we do not see clearly the deeper meaning of life.

It appears to be a reminder that there is a greater plan coursing through our petty lives. The symmetry on the outside must be the symmetry on the inside. This is the definition of what fractal means; it doesn’t mean fractionation, rather the opposite.

It means what is on the inside is the same as the outside, a bit like a mother having a baby, the baby is a fractal of the mother, it is a smaller version of the larger version. The DNA has been successfully compressed and, like a seed, ready to grow into the tree. It contains the future.


How are maths and spirituality or mysticism linked?

I see mathematics as a universal language of pattern recognition, that bridges cultures together. Each culture has contributed to the vast realm of mathematics, like the Chinese with their abacus, the South Americans and Incas with their quipu (or strings with knots), the Arabs with their algebra, the Indians with their rapid mental speed mathematics, the English with their electronic calculators etc.

In the history of mathematics, it was the extreme demands of the military to make their weapons, such as cannons and missiles and nuclear bombs, perform better, that led to great advancements in the human scientific mind, but it can also be used to further the higher mind for more peaceful and unifying purposes.


Why is the value of Pi meaningful or important?

Pi is simply the relationship of the circle to the square. It’s best always to start with unity consciousness, thus if the diameter of a circle is one unit, the circumference is a fraction more than three, called Pi or 3.141592. Since Archimedes’s time several thousands of years ago, they used hundreds of little triangular shapes, like tiny triangular slices of a pizza, to measure this mystical circumference, but the logic was fundamental wrong, using linear straight edges to map the curve of life.

Thanks now to computers and a better understand of harmonic or fractal mathematics, I have discovered a geometric proof that is simple and irrefutable, to show that the traditional value of Pi is deficient, as there will always be an area under the curve, giving a larger value called true value of Pi which equals 3.144…

This means that in our lifetime, we are shifting from a disharmonic value of pi (3.141… circle-square = Heaven-Earth) to a new frequency and one that is correct and whole.

The way we see mathematics is always evolving as much as human consciousness is always evolving, but there exist eternal or universal truths that cannot be changed, what we call ‘fixed design’, that which is timeless and true for this planet or any other planet, in this time now or in ten thousand years to come, the truth of mathematics must always remain the same.


Which shapes have more significant meaning? And can you explain a little of what this means?

Some geometric shapes have edge lengths and surface areas that just fit together without any friction, such as the soccer ball, which is made up of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Although its name is scary – truncated icosahedron – its webbing of five-sided (penta) and six-sided (hexa) polygons hints at the geometry of the DNA molecule; if you think of DNA as a spiral staircase and slice through it horizontally, the revealed shape of molecules are penta-hexa.

The other shape that the world has been kicking around for the last century, and not realiing how anointed it is, is the rugby ball, which is the three-dimensional shape of two intersecting spheres: if two spheres each touched the other’s centre, the intersecting space in the middle is like an almond shape, and this has great meaning in the world of sacred geometry as the particular mathematical proportions contained within this ‘vesica piscis’ has all the important square root harmonics, like root two, root three and root five, meaning it is the mother of all form.


How could someone use sacred geometry to impact on their normal everyday life?


I would focus on eating healthy and living food, as the sacred geometry of raw organic foods contains all these living geometries; eg: when you slice through an apple, transverse cut, and examine the two halves, you will see the anointed five-pointed star or pentacle, which is the ultimate symbol of the divine proportion derived from the Fibonacci Sequence of 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144…

I am a builder by trade, so I would use these number proportions, which are pleasing to the eye, to create structures that embed this ancient knowledge. The reason we are in awe of the Parthenon, that is based on these Fibonacci numbers, is that the external view of the building matches or mirrors the mathematics of our own bodies, which means we are really seeing a part of our self, eg if the length of the whole arm is 21 units, the place where the elbow bends creates two lengths, a shorter one of eight and a longer one of 13 units.

These same numbers are in the Parthenon’s dimensions. Thus beautiful architecture is a reflection of the god within; that’s why it is currently being called bio-architecture.


Do the principles of Sacred Geometry in anyway explain the existence of structures such as the pyramids, which are still thought to be architecturally impossible?

All the sacred mathematics that I know of is embedded in the shape of the Cheops pyramid in Giza, from its height, to square base, edge lengths and midpoints, it is the most important structure in the world that contains Pi and Phi (Fibonacci Sequence). Its position in ancient Egypt marks the place where a geometric grid encases the planet, like a three-dimensional spider web.

At each place where the webs cross or converge, called nodal points, there is an intelligent placing of a natural or man-made architectural wonder, such as Stonehenge, or Uluru, or the Easter Island stone giants, hinting at some grand extra-terrestrial intelligence had engineered the geometrical soccer-ball-like Earth-grid many millennia ago.

Thus by being at a sacred site, such as Byron Bay, the ‘small part’ is connecting to the ‘big part’, amplifying all our thoughts and intentions. Part of my work is to make this sacred mathematics of crystals and flowers available at all levels of basic school education.


What will you be sharing at the Starlight Wellbeing Expo?

I will be focusing on my thesis known as The Art of Number, which is the translation of number into sacred or atomic art. It converts the boring, logical and analytic world of numbers (which is the left-cortex-male-brain), into a more visual and exciting form of art (which is the right-cortex-female-brain).

By combining numbers and art, we are exposing our children to whole-brain learning, making it more fun and challenging for them to discover and unravel the mysteries of creation.

My main lecture will be on Phi-Pi, which sounds like gibberish, so come along to the Starlight Festival and be prepared to be amazed about how simple yet elegant it all is. It broadens one’s mind to learn a new mathematical language, so just listen and filter in whatever may be of interest.


Starlight Wellbeing Expo, Friday–Monday 9.30am–5.30pm. $15/10 admission.



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By Cleo Scriber

Correspondent for the "THE NORTHERN STAR” Newspaper

In far north NSW, Australia

Published 20 / 11 / 2002






By the application of a simple formula, a child can know that the cube root of 35,937 is 33 – without a calculator!

So says Jain, a mathematician from Mullumbimby, the author of seven self-published books on sacred geometry and Vedic Mathematics, the culmination of 20 years of research.

Jain works with gifted and talented children and lectures at math camps, universities and math conferences.

As an authorized school performer, he has taught thousands of children in Australia through his traveling show, Mathemagics, teaching the wonder of pure mathematical principles.

Currently he is writing a series of four books for the Australian and Global Curriculum on Vedic Mathematics.

"By relying on modern electronic calculators for the next 20 years or so, without cultivating mental calculations which build the ‘mental muscle’, we will sadly produce a generation of young adults whose brains will have atrophied,” Jain says.

The brain is a muscle, he said, and it needs exercising.

Complex multiplications can be worked out in seconds, even by small children, such as converting the fraction 1/19 into a decimal form.

The answer is an 18 digit figure which requires 35 lines of exhausting long division to work out.

History is full of architectural marvels and mathematical wonders, that were calculated without calculators, or even pen and paper.

Following an ancient system of mathematics, rediscovered by an Indian mathematician and Sanskrit philosopher named Bharati Krsna Tirthaji, it is possible to solve every known mathematical problem in a single line of working out, based on 16 Sutras or universal formulae.

Jain will hold a workshop on Vedic Mathematics in Lismore, with further information available on 0266-844409.


Interview with Jain, 2008


Did you know that when you stare into a clear quartz crystal that has 12 pentagonal faces (Dodecahedron) you can actually witness a perfect cube nested inside the body of the crystal! You need to twirl the dodecahedral crystal slowly around in your fingers, holding it to the light, and in a sudden magic moment, the cube appears.

In the jargon of Sacred Geometry, we say that this class of crystal belongs to the:


Isomorphic Dodecahedral Group


I understand that one mathematical corollary in the Group Theory of Geometrical Configurations shows the different permutations of the 5 Cubes to form the Isomorphic Dodecahedral Group having an obvious sub-group of Order 60 of the symmetric group P5.

(This obviously means that the dodecahedral group contains 60 distinct operations or angular turns or rotations at 0 degrees, 2xPi/3 and 4xPi/3 which brings the dodecahedron into coincidence with itself, ie:one full turn. Any rotation of the dodecahedron into itself induces a permutation of the 5 cubes.

You can see this in your hand, when you turn a marble-sized dodecahedron made of clear quartz, getting the right tilt angle to capture a phantom glimpse of a cube sitting in the centre of the crystal.

Euclid clearly showed this in his "Elements” that the dodecahedron is derived from a cube via the 12 cube edges that are the diagonals of the 12 pentacle faces of the dodecahedron).


Jain 24-9-08 mullumbimby creek.


(inspired from page 94 of "Introduction to the Theory of Finite Groups” by Walter Ledermann, 1964)


Jain 108 MatheMagics   Jain 108 MatheMagics



f/ Vedic Mathematics


Whole Brain functioning or

"Hemispheric Synchronization

This maintains brain plasticity and assists in keeping the connection between the different areas of the brain active







Q) – Can you explain why you call your essential work as troglodytic?


A) - I am a mathematical troglodyte

(one who is unacquainted with the world)

The work I am doing is "troglodytic mathematics” in the sense that the original greek meaning "one who creeps into holes”

thus I delve into these wormholes

Plus a troglodyte is the cave dweller who is unacquainted with the affairs of the world, mathematically.

Cave Dweller implies my deep connection to the Earth, the Living Mathematics of Nature.


Jain 3-12-2007 mck






Q) – What do you mean when you describe your work as Holographic?


A) - I call all Jain Mathemagics studies that employ the Art of "Joining The Dots” as "HOLOGRAPHIC”

what I mean by this, is when a child draws a Magic Square or any other such concept as translating Number into Art, the final whole pattern formed is holographic in the sense that in any one dot of that diagram, is the seed of all the Sacred Mathematics that created it. This means that each dot contains the whole diagram or yantra.

This needs to be understood.


Jain 29-11-2007 mck 



(Sunshine Coast, Queensland)


Magical Maths Expert Returns.


After an enthusiastic response in Maleny last October, internationally acclaimed maths expert, author and teacher, Jain, returns to Maleny and the Sunshine Coast this month for more introductory presentations about Vedic Maths and Mathemagics.


Emerging from over 20 years of work, Jain has resurrected an ancient form of mathematics used by the Hindus 2,500 years ago, called Vedic Maths.  Based on the work of Indian Maths dux, Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960), Jain has worked Vedic Maths into a form that is digestible for western society.  This system reveals the fascinating patterns and relationships amongst numbers and empowers students to be able to perform rapid mental calculations without a calculator!  Often, children who have great difficulty with maths find success with this alternative approach.  Being able to do this, exercises the brain instead of allowing it to be sluggish and reliant on machines. In the process, many children find it gives great confidence and enhances memory skills.


In addition to the magic of Vedic Maths, Jain also explores sacred geometry, showing how maths relates to science, art, history, and nature in unexpected, beautiful ways.  Then through his own collection of discoveries over the years he shares with us ‘mathemagics’ including how magic squares transform into geometric works of art, ways of calculating multiplication on the fingers and many more treats.


In his work with children and lectures at universities and conferences in Australia and overseas, Jain shows how all known mathematical problems can be calculated with the use of 16 sutras or word formulae, in the head or with one simple line of arithmetic.  Part of his mission is to excite children and adults about the wonder and beauty of mathematics - a description we don’t often hear spilling from the lips of many people about their experience of maths!  Here’s a tiny sample of one of the magical tricks using the Sutra: By One More: The Squaring of Numbers Ending in 5

By conventional means, to square the number 25, i.e. 25 x 25, we would take 3 lines of working out. In Vedic maths using the Sutra "By One More Than The Previous Digit",  we call 5 the last digit, and 2 the ‘previous digit’. We say, mentally, "What is One more than Two?"… and that is 3. The word "By" in the Sutra really means "to multiply" and so we multiply the original 2 by 3 giving 6.  To this we add the last digit (5) squared (5x5=25) The setting out is like this: 

252    = 2 "By" 3 / ........
          = 2 x 3 / ........

To this we tag on the last digit "5" squared:
             = 2 x 3 / 5 x 5
             = 6 / 25
Thus the answer is 625.

Similarly, all other numbers that end in 5, when squared, can be done mentally and instantly. Try it!


The philosophy is extensive and takes considerable time to learn its many facets, which spread into mystical and galactic realms too. For those who find they want to delve more deeply, Jain is holding a 2 day seminar (choice of 1 or 2 days @ $140 per day including meals) at the Worldview Centre on Saturday and Sunday 31st March /1st April. Discounts are given for those attending both days and members of the same family attending on the same days. After the first day you will be able to multiply 2 digit numbers in your head without pen, paper or calculator!


However, for an introductory presentation on Vedic Maths and ‘Mathemagics’ (www.jainmathemagics.com), Jain will be at the Gospel Chappell Hall, Winsor Street Nambour on Thursday 15th March and at the Maleny Community Centre 16th March from 6.15pm – 8.30pm.  Parents, teachers, teenagers, children (who can focus quietly for the 2 hours) accountants and anyone who loves fascinating new ways to view old subjects are sure to find Vedic Maths inspiring.  The cost is $10 per adult, $15 per couple and children are free.  It is essential to book with Robyn Harper: robynsong@serv.net.au  Ph: 5429 6093.


Jain 108 MatheMagics


Jain teaches children and adults how to do rapid mental calculations

without a calculator.




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