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Mandala Decals & Stickers For The International Market.
New Set of 24 Amazing Designs by Jain 108

I am proud to Launch the best of my work that has taken over 30 years of passionate research.
This new Set of Geometries is the Top 12 Arithmetica Codes,
the cream of Ancient Mathematical and Geometrical Knowledge.

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NEW PRODUCT:     Decals and Stickers

I have a new range of 12 Decals and 12 Stickers.
All designs are highly coded mathematical masterpieces,
operating as Space Clearing Devices, or Energizers,
when placed on glass windows or stuck on items like large water bottles, book covers
or wherever you feel drawn to place them.

They make great and inexpensive gifts, are educational,
being based on the Harmonics of Mathematical Art.

For the inquisitive mind, each Decal or Sticker has a page of information explaining how the Harmonic was derived,
and what are its unique benefits.
I will follow this Newsletter with 12 other Newsletters, highlighting each of the 12 Designs that come both as a clear Decal and an non-clear vinyl Sticker, same design but different colours.
Diameter of Circle is 165mm.

Be the first to receive the Set of 24 psycho-active geometries.
The world is currently undergoing massive shifts at all levels:
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Jain's new series of harmonically attuned clear Decals for glass and non-clear Stickers for any surface will help you to align yourSelf to the new vibrations impacting our lives.
These space-clearing devices are designed to clear any unwanted or old patterns that restrict your way forward.

Definition of Decals and Stickers
Exquisite Magic Square and Sacred Geometry Harmonic Patterns for windows or other surfaces: clear, adhesive transparency or Decal for glass, and also a non-clear vinyl Sticker for any surface. These Space Clearing Devices based on Mathematical Art come in 1 medium size 165 mm diameter, but with 2 colour versions, 1 decal and 1 sticker. The sunlight projects the geometries into the house and or on the body, infusing the remembrance of Ancient Knowledge.

The 12 Titles Include:
HeartStar (Magic Square of 3x3)
Manifestor (Magic Square of 4x4)
Venus (Magic Square of 7x7)
Twin Flames (Magic Square of 8x8)
Oneness (Multiplication Table, "All The Ones"
Pentacle (Fractal Geometric Series)
Prime Number Cross (based on the infinite Prime Number Sequence  
JainPi Cross (True Value of Pi 3.144665511029693144...)
I Love You (3 Phi Codes, based on the Digital Compression of the Fibonacci   
    Sequence 1−1−2−3−5−8−13−21−34−55−89−144− and the Wheel of 24
Thank You (Based on the Doubling Sequence 1−2−4−8−16−32−64−
    that digitally reduces to the Binary Code 1
24875 and plugged into the
    9-Point Circle)
Flower Of Life (Blueprint of Creation)
Labyrinth (One Path To The Centre)

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The minimum Order over the Internet is $30 which gives you 2 versions
of 1 of the 12 Designs, that is, $15 Retail for the Decal on a gold stockcard,
and $15 Retail for the Sticker on a blue stockcard.

Buy 1 Set of 24 for $360 less 10% discount = $324 + postage
Buy 3 Sets of 24 for $1,080 less 40% discount for Shops/Wholesale
    = $648 + postage
Buy 10 Sets of 24 for $3,600 less 60% discount for Distributors
    = $1,440 + postage

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