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(Rapid Mental Calculation)

with Jain 108

                          Mathemagics for Juniors  (9 to 12 year olds)                 

                                     OCTOBER  2017, 3 Sundays

Learn the Sacred Geometric Secrets known to Leonardo Da Vinci,


Mathemagics For Juniors

(9 to 12 years old)


Starts: Sunday October 8th, 22nd, 29th of 2017.
10.00pm to 3.00pm
COST: $330 for the 3 Sundays
(includes 2 workbooks). 2 x 2 hr sessions per day.
 VEDIC MATHEMATICS aka Rapid Mental Calculation + The ART OF NUMBER

Limit to 20 students (and 20 guest parents). Runs for 3 Sundays, One Parent to be present (optional).

VENUE: Gold Coast Albert Tennis Club, 111/135 Christine Ave, Burleigh Waters.


$60 per student per day (based on 2 x 2 hour lessons @ $30 per lesson) + Includes One Parent.

+ $20 per student for hall rental, fuel, travel and public liability for the 3 days = $110 per day 
including 2 Workbooks @ $45 each.
Total = $330 for the 3 days for all expenses.

HOW TO PAY into a Cheque Account
Please send $330 to Jain 108 Mathemagics
Bsb: 032573 Acc: 308770

All BOOKINGS with  Michelle van Namen on 0407169522 michelle@personalsolutions.com.au

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Jain 108ís 21st Century Curriculum

Invites You and  Your Child to:

Connect to the Living Mathematics of Nature.
A new Steinerism developed by Jain 108 that shows the mathematical origins of our sacred symbols based on the Phi Spiral, Ramís Horn, Torus, Pentagon, all embedded in the fabulous Fibonacci Sequence:  

Understand what Fractal means: When the Inside is Self-Similar to the Outside, and Scale Invariant. 

Increase your Mathematical Confidence and Memory Power with Mental Arithmetic (Speed Maths).
Learn the Multiplication Table with Jainís Magic Fingers technique in a 15 minutes lesson that would normally take 2 years of sweat and rote learning at school.
Learn the supreme Art of Digital Compression.
This New Millennium Maths is the emerging Curriculum for the Earthheart School in Byron Bay or Sacred Geometry Miniversity.

CONTACT JAIN on 0266844409 or 0423583886
Please Bring Your Own Lunch. Kitchen Available.
All students to bring a pencil case with lead pencil, ink, pens, eraser, ruler, metal compass (not a plastic one).

JAIN 108 is an international lecturer on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Mathematics. His current focus is creating a highly visual and intelligent curriculum for Indigo Children or those with ADHD (Addicted Directly to Higher Dimensions). He considers that those who are labelled with Asperers and Dyslexia and Autism etc are actually Geniuses who process data faster than we do, that they are not slow, they are calibrated to a higher frequency. 

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