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Here is a 9 minute and 15 sec movie upload of Jain speaking on Sacred Geometry.

click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuiQkn_d1Ro

It is a condensation or summary of 3 days of filming, and helps to explain the totality of all that  I teach:
glossing over the 4 distinct topics that I lecture on:
1 - Vedic Mathematics,
2 - Magic Squares
3 - The Divine Phi Proportion
4 - 3-Dimensional Sacred Geometry

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1 - this single 2 hour dvd  "The Living Mathematics Of Nature"
Number 1 of 5, An INTRODUCTION,
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The content of the above You Tube movie that you just saw is extracted from this dvd.

2 - For Jain's 5 dvd set "The Living Mathematics Of Nature" series that gives 2 hours on each of the above 4 titles.
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