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I am happy to announce the release of my next book on the Divine Proportion,
from a 5 book series known as:

title THE BOOK OF PHI, volume 3,
subtitle: The 108 Codes, an Introduction

Number of Pages: 209
Published: 2009
Cost: $65 aud
Binding: Spiral, wire

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Part 2: The Contents of the book


The 108 Codes,
an Introduction
by Jain 108

    What is all the fuss about this “108 CODE”!Is it the Pulse, the Rhythm, the Living Curvation, the True Mathematics of Nature? Is it the Essence of that which is repeatable, shareable, tangible and yet timeless, a phenomenal mathematical code that makes the invisible visible?
Such a rare diamond, with never before published material. Such a vast subject, that The Book Of Phi, Volume 3 is only an introduction to the 108 CODE revealed in full detail in the next two books: Volume 4 is on Phi Code 1 (linearly based on the digitally compressed Fibonacci Sequence), and Vol 5 is on Phi Code 2 (the multi-dimensional form based on the cryptic and endlessly cyclic “Powers of Phi” and has a direct correlation with the ancient Medical Symbol known as the winged Cadduceus symbol and currently claimed by big Pharma. The release of these codes to the next generation of children is about reclaiming our Power and Love).

Come explore how the Divine Proportion (1:1.618033...) is geometrically and therefore eternally linked to the Binary Code (Doubling Sequence of 1-2-4-8-16-32-64). When the data is compressed onto the 9 Point Circle, the well known “VW” symbol is mathematically derived!

Understand how the forbidden Numerology (in the form of Digital Compression eg: 108 = 1+0+8 = 9) is a Sacred Science and an important Key to grokking the “Fixed Design”, a tribute to our Ancestor's' Law Of One. Understand how this infinitely repeating 24 Pattern explains why we still divide our Day into 24 Hours! It is a true Galactic Base 12 Time Code hinting clues to the Physics of Time Bending or Time Travel.

With lots of beautiful hand drawn artworks, diagrams and worksheets to construct the Phi Spiral etc Jain has successfully taken the Lost Knowledge of the Phi Code 108 and highlighted its educational value.

A billion Indians are worshipping this frequency of 108 yet they know not why. Jain, a full-blooded Phoenician, reveals his insights into Sri 108, becoming the cynosure of every Indian mathematician's eye. How remarkable, though simple, that the compression or digital reduction of the Fibonacci Sequence reveals a distinct 24 Repeating Pattern whose sum adds up to 108, not only one code, but 2. The pattern was always there, but we could not see it for thousands of years, as we were not trained to be engaged in the visual feminine right brain mathematics.


tHE bOOK oF pHI, Volume 3,
subtitled: The 108 Codes, an Introduction.

~ Lost Secrets of the Phi Code

Originally written for magazine publications, a great source of information on the Phi Mysteries, Pentagram, Fibonacci Sequence and an introduction to the first 108 Phi Code. It is written in 3 Parts.

- pART 1: What You Already Know About Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence.
-pART 2: What You Don't Know About Phi and Fibonacci Sequence + Jain's Discovery of The Repeating 24 Pattern
- pART 3: What You Need to Know About Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence + Time Code 12:24:60 Encrypted in the Fibonacci Sequence and Pascal's Triangle.


~ Algebraic Musings On Phi Love
Contains lots of hand-drawn geometrical diagrams illuminating Phi. Using Letters L-O-V-E for circle segments.
- pART 1: Internal Division Of The Unit Circle
- pART 2: External Division Of The Unit Circle
- pART 3: On The Curious Nature of 109

~ Binary Code Vs Phi Code

Understood as 2 separate codes or sequences but really they are embedded in one another;
-shows an excellent diagram that proves that the Phi Ratio is hidden in the Doubling Sequence or Binary Code.
Rare Theosophical Charts of the Powers of Two describing the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
Mathematical Origin of the VW Symbol.

~ How To Construct the Phi Spiral, Worksheet

Applying Meditation and the Art of Manifestation into the step by step worksheets.


~ Numerology as a Sacred Science aka Jain's Law Of Digital Compression aka Base 10 Homeopathics
An article that glorifies the greatest mathematical tool called “Digital Compression” which reveals all the mysteries, like the 108 Code, merely by adding digits as in 34 = 3+4 = 7. Simple, yet powerful. It clearly can no longer be debunked.

~ Jain 108 Vs Peter Saad

Goes deep into the complexities of a Father-Son Relationship. Part 1 of 2

~ Jain 108 Earthheart In The Court Of Mind

Goes deeper into the complexities of a Father-Son Relationship. Part 2 of 2

1. The Next 2 Books On Phi: vols 4 and 5

2. Some Environmental Occurrences of 108 and 1.618... 7 separate incidences are described
3. Earth Earth = EarthHeart Lexigram

4. Product of the Phibonacci Numbers

5. Cosmic Math Logos



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