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subject: 4 New Ebooks: WORKBOOKS on Sacred Geometry and Vedic Maths for Children of all ages
Here are the names of the Ebooks and links for the 4 new WORKBOOKS just released this month, on topics including Sacred Geometry, 3-Dimensional Geometry, Vedic Mathematics and Magic Squares.
Thanks to all the Facebook Fans who have been requesting these ebooks. Go to Jain 108 Mathemagics for continued reading on sacred geometry, learning definitions of new terms like Fractal, Torus, Implosion, Scale Invariant, Dodecahedron Dual, UniCursal Hexagram, Labyrinth etc all of which is understood by a young child, when you teach them in a highly visual way.
These 4 currently available workbooks are the first of their kind and will set a precedent for more titles, coming soon.

The next workbook ebook will be called: The Art of Number.

In this list below, I am including a 4th ebook called "Join The Dots" which is also suitable for any young child. (It is already listed as one of my other main books).
1 - Mathemagics For Starkidz (5-8 yo) Ebook
Subject: Sacred Geometry

2 - Mathemagics For Juniors (9-12 yo and Keen Teens & Adults) Ebook
Subject: 3-Dimensional Geometry
3 - Mathemagics For Juniors (9-12 yo and Keen Teens & Adults) Ebook
Subject: Vedic Mathematics
4 - Join The Dots (5-20 yo) Ebook
Subject: The Atomic Art of Magic Squares
5 - Art of Number (9-12 yo and Keen Teens & Adults) Ebook
Subject: Translating Number Into Sacred Symbols and Atomic Art
$44 (for the current adult book, but when revised and simplified, it will be a $22 ebook like the others just listed)
Available in early 2016  
(this is the adult version workbook, highly informative, it is the main book that I have created in my life, a new steinerism showing the mathematical origin of sacred symbols)
Here the front covers of the above 4 available titles:
 Jain 108 MatheMagics 
 (Existing Book)                       (upcoming Workbook)
(Available early next year, January 2016)
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