I am proud to announce that I have available a series of 8 New Decals and Stickers.
As a release special, we are offering 2 free dvds (valued at $90 based on sacred geometry and vedic maths) when you purchase all 8 of these Designs.
nb: each design actually has 2 decals and 2 stickers, large and medium sizes, plus a gift of 4 smaller ones.
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Decal + Sticker

Magic Square of 3x3: Lo-Shu (ancient China/Tibet)


We have a new range of 8 Decals and Stickers.
All designs are highly coded mathematical masterpieces,
operating as Space Clearing Devices, or Energizers,
when placed on glass windows or stuck on items like large water bottles, book covers
or wherever you feel drawn to place them.

They make great and inexpensive gifts,
are educational, being based on the Harmonics of Mathematical Art.
For the inquisitive mind, each Decal or Sticker has a page of information
explaining how the Harmonic was derived, and what are its unique benefits.
They come in 2 sizes: Large size (22cm diameter) and Small Size (11.5 cm diameter).



(Design and Concept by Jain,
Graphic Art by Aurel Floret: www.luminaya.com)


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Exquisite Magic Square and Sacred Geometry Harmonic Patterns for windows: adhesive transparencies. These Space Clearing Devices based on Mathematical Art come in large & small sizes, 4 items in each pack, 2 decals and 2 stickers. The sunlight projects the geometries into the house and or on the body, infusing the remembrance of Ancient Knowledge.


1 Large Decal (22 cm diameter)      = $12  (with 1 information sheet)

1 Small Decal (11.5 cm diameter)   = $6    (with 1 information sheet)

1 Large Sticker (22 cm diameter)    = $12   (with 1 information sheet)

1 Small Sticker (11.5 cm diameter) = $6    with 1 information sheet)


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A beautiful Pattern derived from the ancient Sino-Tibetan Calendar, the Lo-Shu or Magic Square of 3x3 whose Magic Sum is 15. Adhesive Transparency for Glass windows. Includes a large and a small decal and sticker of each, 22cm and 11.5cm diameters.



These are adhesive window transparencies, available as Magic Squares Patterns. When placed on the inside of a glass window, the sun projects the geometry into the room as coloured light.
This can be projected onto the body for healing purposes.

Different Magic Square Numbers are traditionally attributed to the 7 planets and their specific Magic Sums or Magic Square Constants, like 15, 34, 65, 111 and 175 etc were secret numerical and ecclesiastical codes for the many Multi-Cultural names of God, YHVH, Allah, Messiah, Jesus, Adonai, Abraxas etc.




This is the Stockcard upon which the Decal and Sticker will be stapled to.

At the moment, this is just an information sheet that gets slipped into the cellophane pocket, will be replaced by next order.


Below is all the text on the Stockcard, but not pictures:

Heart Star ~ Magic Square of 3 x 3 DECAL & STICKER,
Large and Small

⦁ Act as  a Space Clearing Device: the Sun projects the Decal geometries into the room or the Presence of the Stickerís image vibration clears any negative energy.
⦁ Harmonic Balancing, the underpinning mathematics is based on Equality in all Directions.
⦁ Reminder of Axiom: "As Above, So BelowĒ.
⦁ Centring Process. 

⦁ Assists in Finding Unity Amidst Diversity.
⦁ EcoSophical EarthHeart Gaia Connection.
⦁ Talisman for Easy Childbirth

⦁ All sums of columns, rows and diagonals = 15. This also known as the Magic Sum or Magic Square Constant
⦁ Opposing Pairs all add up to 10
⦁ There exist only 8 possible permutations or variations of this 3x3 matrix.
⦁ The 4 corners of even numbers sum to 20 as does the central cross of odd numbers. Called 
Lo-Shu in China, Tibet.
⦁ Only Number 5 can occupy the centre.

⦁ First Primal Harmonic in the Universe
⦁ 3 is for Creativity: trinity of Father-Mother-Child, a child is born out of Parental Love.

⦁ Observe the Pairs that sum to 1 + 9 = 10
displaying hidden internal symmetry, forming the symbol of the Asterisk.

By Joining a Line from 1 to 2 to 3 etc to the last number produces this Yantra (or Power Art). The first number 1 is then joined to the last number 9 to close the circuit (left).
Then the same pattern, the Magic Square of 3x3 at 0 degrees is drawn upon itself at a 90 degree angle (right).
When the same original pattern is drawn  or rotated or super-imposed 4 times upon itself, at angles of 45 degrees, this pattern is formed (below) aka Jainís Logo.

Email: jain@jainmathemagics.com
Website:    www.jainmathemagics.com
For more info on this Decal, visit:   www.jainmathemagics.com/bookofmagicsquaresvol1/
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⦁  Clean the surface first where you intend to place the Decal, preferably on the inside of any glass window or transparent surface.
⦁  Before you gently peel off the Decal from its plasticized white backing, it is important that you read these following 3 instructions, to ensure that no air bubbles get trapped under the Decal. If you do not use soapy water, the Decal will not apply smoothly, due to the glue.
⦁  1- Have a clear INTENTION as to what this decal will mean to you and what it is specifically that you would like to Manifest in your Life. That is, program this Sacred Geometry with positive thoughts or affirmations, as you would a Crystal;  later when viewing this Yantra you are reminded of that which you wish to Manifest. The secret is to visualize that You already have this wish, that the Future is Now.
⦁  2- Have a bowl of warm water with a splash of dishwashing liquid, like you would when washing dishes in the sink. Have a small squeegee or ruler wrapped with a tea-towel to use as a wiping motion. Have a dry cloth or tea-towel ready to use later.
⦁  3- With a sponge, apply the soapy and frothy warm water on the glass. (Donít worry about all the froth under the Decal as the squeegee will get rid of it all). Peel off the Decal from its white backing and place upon the soapy froth. Notice how the Decal can now slide around its position, allowing you time to align the top of the symmetrical design to where you want it to be fixed, like north on a compass. You can now swipe out any remaining air bubbles with your Squeegee or wooden ruler wrapped in a cloth. Let all your swiping movements be done from the centre then moving outwards. Use the dry cloth to clean up, then Set your Intention into the Design, as if it is a Prayer. ★






This is the same Magic Square of 3x3 design, my basic Logo, my first experiment in making a stained glass window design in 2006, which I have now built into the walls of my yoga and meditation room.  


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New Decals & Stickers. 1 of 8: Heart Star Magic Square of 3x3 Lo Shu

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