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Come study and learn Ancient Knowledge with Jain, at the Notre Dame Chartres Cathedral:

  5 days in FRANCE, at the Notre Dame Chartres Cathedral,
Jain is teaching for 5 days, morning and afternoon, from July 2nd to July 8th 2017, on ARITHMETICA, with Caroline Myss who is lecturing on
MATHEMATICS OF THE SOUL, in the middle of the day.

Contact Joycelyn Teng on thejoyofnumbers@gmail.com
For more details, and to receive an email with payment and registration details,
Phone Joycelyn on +65 92479011
Whats App number is also +65 92479011

All students or interested parties who register during the month of February
with Joycelyn will receive the EarlyBird price $1,150 usd
and also 2 complimentary Jain dvd valued at $90
From 1st March, the price goes up to $1400 usd.
The week in July is to celebrate 800 years
since the completion of the Notre Dame Chartres Cathedral.
Wisdom University is an online University associated with this portal,
also known as Ubiquity University.
Caroline Myss (pron. Mace) the well known medical Intuitive,
is on faculty with Jim Garrison and Karen Rivers, so we have a great team
of highly educated and spiritually-minded teachers.
The Wisdom University goes through a process of honouring the 7 Liberal Arts, over 7 year periods, covering topics Like Musica, Astronomica, Geometrica, Rhetorica (Power of Words) etc
and this year it is Arithmetica, so I am honoured to be Pythagorean representative for this important subject.

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