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This is Jain from Australia,

I am writing to all the people I have made contact with personally in the UK,
via meetings at conferences, or book and dvd sales from my website,
perhaps you signed up to my newsletter... etc

I have good news, I am planning to teach 3 days of Sacred Geometry in Cornwall, and one introductory night lecture in London, around the 3rd week of July, 2017, after I teach in Chartres Cathedral Wisdom School University from July 2nd to 8.
This email is an Expression of Interest,
can you let me know if you would like to attend either an Introductory Night Lecture, or attend 1 or all 3 of the full day seminars.
This will help my promoter Helen Greenway (phone contact is +447450351222)
to make a decision to book in advance the hall venues required in both Cornwall and London.

This email is also to update an email changes over the years.
In your response, can you email both Helen Greenway and Myself.


Jain 108

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