Proposition On The Exact Value Of Pi, by RSJ Reddy

Proposition On The Exact Value Of Pi, by RSJ Reddy Proposition On The Exact Value Of Pi, by RSJ Reddy Proposition On The Exact Value Of Pi, by RSJ Reddy Proposition On The Exact Value Of Pi, by RSJ Reddy Proposition On The Exact Value Of Pi, by RSJ Reddy
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60 Different Proofs 
For The Exact Value Of Pi


By Reddivari Sarva Jagannadha Reddy.

2001, spiral bound. $60, red cover, gms 640


Pi does not equal 3.141592


A = (14 - ROOT 2) ÷ 4

    = 3.1464466…..



It actually contains 60 different

and amazing ways of calculating Pi = 3.1464466

never before shown in print!!!


This book shakes the whole foundation of Western Mathematics. In fact, all the Mathematics books have to be rewritten. What will happen now is that the top Mathematicians from the West will be invited to meet the top Mathematicians from the East and an importance International Conference is brewing, to determine the final and eternal Truth of Pi that the Ancients knew. 

It is in the mass consciousness that the eternal relationship of the Circle to its Diameter (which is really relevant to the Square) is 3 .1415… 

The slice of  Pi that we have been served is off and disharmonic.

Also, to the dismay of all the Circle-Squarers, we have been told incorrectly for thousands of years that You Can Not Equate the Square’s Circumference to the Circle’s Circumference, nor Equate the Area of a Circle to the Area of a Square, ie: The Mystical Squaring of the Circle. But now, believe that it can be done. Ignore all the bad press on Pi and Phi.

I (Jain) have been waiting for 25 years for this material to emerge. Intuitively knowing all these years that Pi was wrong, that was why I had never written about for 25 years, as I was switched off by the error. I therfore had focussed my whole attention on the Phi Ratio (1:1.618033… the mathematics of where the elbow bends in proportion to the length of the whole arm etc). Soon, new maths will emerge linking the relationship of Pi and Phi, and as most scholars know, the only 3-Dimensional symbol that contains Pi and Phi is the Cheops Pyramid of Egypt that really is the invisible sacred geometry of Light.

Whilse reading Bharati Krsna Tirthaji’s book on Vedic Mathematics he hinted that the pattern or sercret in determining the Pi ratio was based on 32. Many scholars thought there was some hidden recursion in the infinite decimal, like at every 32 decimal places, but no, the final revealed secret, known as Shiva’s Method for Determining Pi, is based on division of the Circle into 32 distinct parts, a little similar to the Flower-Of-Life pattern that most people are now  familiar with.


(Taken from the Reddy’s Preface):

[   3.141592…. an approximation to A is really the perimeter of the inscribed polygon with 192 sides and above. The circle is the limit for the inscribed polygon.

3.1464466….. is a proposed approximation to A. This is the value of the circumference of the inscribed circle. Square is the super-inscribed entity. The value obtained for Pi from the Circle-Square entity is (14 - ROOT 2)÷4.

The difference between the Archimedean method and the proposed method is simple. Archimedes has adopted the Polygon-Circle system. The proposed method involves a Circle-Square system. In the former method attribution of the value of polygon to the circle is clear and in the proposed method the Square helps but the value belongs to the circle only. 

3.141592… is a good approximation, but 3.1464466… is an accurate approximation: (14 - ROOT 2) divided by 4, (for the latter number is an exact value: root 2 x root 2 = 2 exactly, since 1.4142135 x 1.4142135 = 1.999999999 which is an accurate approximation). 


Original Title on Manuscripts:





What is truly amazing is that Shiva’s Method is only one of 60 different ways that Reddivari can determine Pi, all ingenious methods and rare gems. They are all available in this book!


What is really special about the mathematics in this book, is that any young adult who knows the simple Pythagorean Formulae (which states that 32 + 42 = 52 can understand most of this unique literature. Actually, it is not even Pythagorean, as the learned Baudayana, 300 years before Pythagoras, in the 8th Century BC had written about it).